Year Abroad in Berlin: rambles ft. recommendations

A lot has happened but I’ll start off with the deputy boss’ 50th birthday when we had prosecco, cake and confetti at work. A fantastic combination. That evening I also went for drinks with the other girl on placement in Pavlov’s Bar, a cosy bar with a genuinely fantastic playlist. It was lovely to be able to talk in German for so long and actually feel quite comfortable so things are looking up. Continue reading

The inevitable realities of third year

There is something rather enjoyable, for me anyway, about sitting and watching the world go by. People getting on with their daily lives whatever they may be up to and wherever this may lead. As I write I am sat doing exactly that. With a Costa in one hand I am currently sat waiting for my train home from London having just endured another reality of third year: a job interview. Having to accept the inevitable reality that I need to leave the bubble of university really hit home as I travelled down to London in the early hours of this morning (and that’s not just student early, I mean 6:30am)! Continue reading

Gap year

Having recently began my final semester of uni, myself and a lot of my friends are wondering what the next step is. Despite some having future plans set in place, the majority of people I know don’t have concrete plans for next year and are really just waiting to see where the wind takes them. Of the people who aren’t planning on doing a postgrad degree or working, many are considering a gap year- something I am a big supporter of. Continue reading

Conversations with my Uber driver – an unexpected pep talk

Uber drivers, I’ve found – certainly the ones I’ve met in Sheffield – like to strike up a conversation. I usually travel by Uber in the early morning to catch an early train or on an evening return from a full day of travel. Both times I’m either still groggy or very tired. These conversations then have been to me like little pick-me-ups, reminding me to relax and take it easy, that it’s possible to have a good day. Continue reading

This Girl Can

The most important lesson that I have learnt during my first six months as an undergraduate, is the importance of failing regularly.

Before University, the idea of starting from nothing terrified me; especially the idea of being “incapable”. Therefore, I simply continued with what already knew: I never tried anything that could result in failure.

Sport was one area that I never dreamt of venturing into. At school, P.E. was incredibly elitist: you were either on the A team, or a waste of everyone’s time. Leaving school, I was certain that University would be exactly the same, if not worse. Continue reading

Which is the Sheffield football team for you?

Varsity season is once again upon us. While the final contest, the Ice Hockey showdown, is widely considered to be the biggest event, football is also a big part of the games, with four points up for grabs on Wednesday 22nd March. Football, then, will go a long way to deciding who wins this year’s Varsity.

With that said, here’s a handy guide to help you work out which is the Sheffield football team for you, should you go on to develop an appetite for regular match-going. Luckily, you’re spoilt for choice in Sheffield: the city boasts two professional clubs, as well as smaller semi-pro and amateur teams with amazing histories. Continue reading

Becoming a mentor

During my third year of university, I decided to become a mentor to first year undergraduate students and also study abroad students coming to Sheffield for a semester. I felt that I had good advice that I could give to first year students and was interested in the chance to meet new people. In addition, having completed a year abroad in Australia last year, I thought that I could offer good advice to study abroad students in terms of dealing with issues such as homesickness or culture shock. Continue reading

Parkrun? What’s that?

The thought of waking up before 9am on a Saturday may fill most of you with dread. Why on earth would anyone want to be up at that time of day? Well, if you ask that exact question to the 700+ people who make the trip to Endcliffe Park at the end of Ecclesall Road every Saturday, they will say just one thing in reply: ‘Parkrun’.

So what is it? Well Parkrun is a weekly 5km run that starts on a Saturday at 9am. It’s a completely free event run solely by volunteers. Continue reading