Being a runner in Sheffield – or trying to be!

So you come to Sheffield as a new student and think ‘Oooh, maybe I’ll just pop out for a run’, and that’s when you see it… a hill.

Sheffield is famous for its hills, resulting in glorious views and the fabulous Peak District. But to most runners, including me, the sight of a hill in front of you is one of the worst things. Unfortunately for me, I live at the top of one of those hills. You may think that this is great news. It is. Until you realise whichever direction you run down in, at some point you will need to turn around and come back up again! Continue reading

How do I revise again?

A combination of my LOA and my choice in modules second year has meant I’m faced with sitting three-hour long exams when the last exam I sat was in 2015.

Now, I wasn’t at first daunted by this prospect. I remember the days of taking myself to Western Park, sunnies on and my notes in hand, and getting through lots of work easily. I made mind maps, good use of my highlighters and found getting into the routine almost as easy getting up and going to my lectures during term times. (I had 11am’s guys, relax). Continue reading

On the World Food Festival

As an international student, one of the events that I looked forward to this year was the World Food Festival which was organised by the International Students’ Committee. This year, it was a two day event where various societies cooked food, typically eaten in their representative regions, to share with the rest of the university and Sheffield community. Continue reading


Some people know what job they want to do or what degree they want to study from a very early age. I did not. In fact I only really fell into Accounting and Financial Management because it seemed to play to my strengths. I was good at Maths and found Business Studies to be really interesting. I didn’t really know what my studies would entail or even if I’d enjoy doing them! So this is a short blog on my experiences of studying Accounting and Financial Management at university. Continue reading

The Graduate Science Showcase – what’s it all about?

It seems only yesterday that I was diligently attending my PhD induction lectures. And now here I am in my third year, being prompted to prepare a poster for the Graduate Science Showcase. This is an annual event at the University of Sheffield that brings together PhD Research students from across the whole Faculty of Science.  Even though it is meant to be an informal celebration of our diverse research project, I feel the pressure to perform well. With cash prizes on offer for the best posters, the standard is sure to be red hot!

Continue reading

Making the most of it

‘Making the most” of what little time remains of the academic year is a phrase I’m sure everyone has been hearing a lot lately. Whether the next month or so represents the end of your first or final year, it is definitely worthwhile to spend a bit of time investigating how you can make sure you don’t waste a moment and can look back on this year knowing you worked hard but also had plenty of fun. Continue reading

How to stay active during exams season

With exam season approaching, for most students the last thing you want to be doing is exercising. You’ll be spending your life in the library for the next couple of months and the only respite that seems appealing is sitting in front of Netflix and switching your brain off. However, the endorphins released when you exercise are a great way to relieve yourself of the stress caused by revision and impending exams. So here’s three ways to stay active during exam season without trying too hard. Continue reading

The Faculty of Science Showcase: a valuable experience

Last Tuesday 17 April the Faculty of Science Showcase – or poster day as most people know it – took place. Showcase is an event in the Octagon where many PhD students from the Faculty of Science present a poster with their work. Everyone can go and take a look at the posters and if it is lucky enough, the author will be there to explain it and answer questions. The presenters are mostly second and third year PhD students, depending on the department. I, as a second year PhD student in the Department of Psychology, had to be there and this is my experience. Continue reading

Being from Sheffield and going to University here

Why did I end up going to University in the same city I grew up in?

I actually put Sheffield down on my UCAS form as a space filler – I had dreamed of moving away from home and going to University in a different city since I was young, and consequently, I was absolutely adamant that going to Sheffield was not an option. But when I got an interview for Sheffield, I decided to have a look round, purely because it was on a school day. Continue reading