I’ve Got Graduation on my Mind

Final year has descended upon us in a cloudy haze of ‘what do I do now’s and ‘where do I go next’s. The problem is- there’s no direct answer to that. There are so many different options to take and avenues to pursue after graduation that the course lays wide open for us, which can seem so daunting that we might not choose to go down any at all. But although it can seem scary, it’s also a really good thing that there are so many things to do, giving us the freedom to forge our own paths.

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Realistic study advice for unmotivated students

I’ve received loads of advice and watched a bunch of videos online on how to become a more productive student but, all of them seemed to have one requirement: an insane work ethic! If you’re like me, I’m a slacker and I realised that those tips do not apply to me. I’d procrastinate by watching videos on “how to stop procrastinating,” then read the comments on other people procrastinating to feel better about myself procrastinating. After watching these videos, I’d feel great and pretend to be this motivated person for a hot minute. I wasn’t following the advice they were giving me because it is unpleasantly difficult! Let’s be real, it can be hard to get out of bed. With my experience of getting into this Russell Group University, surviving first-year, and having my first mental breakdown after 1 assignment, I feel like I have the credentials to give you some of my advice!

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A green Christmas gift to Mother Nature

Mother Nature unites us all but sadly, she is the loved one the majority of us neglect at Christmas. According to Wildlife and Countryside Link, the UK Christmas waste is the weight of 3.3 million Emperor penguins. Penguins may be cute but 3.3 million penguins made of plastic waste are not! I’m on a personal journey to improve my environmental impact and I have learnt a lot on the way. Read on and be impressed by the Greenest Christmas Tips, filled with all the advice that has been sent my way.

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How having a gap year helped me settle into student life(ish)…

Hold onto your elephant trousers and fasten your nose rings because I am going to explain how having the stereotypical ‘Gap Yah’ experience in South East Asia has helped me settle into the exotic lifestyle of the University of Sheffield. *Disclaimer* casual reminders and an abundance of photos are apparently a so-called by-product of the gap year experience so please allow me to explain myself in the least pompous way possible. Now, don’t get me wrong Sheffield may not be no Koh Phi Phi or the black sandy beaches of Bali but it does hold a certain charm in its own unique way.

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Living in Crookes: It’s only downhill from here

Before moving to Sheffield for my master studies (in Cultural Studies), I had the expectation of talking a lot about these topics in the very near future:

Culture (check), quality of tea (not so much), maybe homesickness (not the case, happily).

I did not, however, expect to talk very much about these: aching muscles, hills, and bananas. The reason for this strange combo? – Crookes.

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