I Don’t Want to Adult Yet

We all dangle that same line when people ask why we took the plunge into thousands of pounds worth of debt and decided go to university; there are some variations, but it generally goes along the lines of ‘increasing employability’, ‘enhancing skills’ and, most importantly, ‘to earn more money when I graduate’. There’s also the less used reasoning of ‘I want to go out drinking every night’ and ‘I want to put off adult-ing for as long as possible’. Because there’s no denying it; student life is the guilt-free, lack of responsibility life that we all cling to down to our last pinky finger. Who would want to give up the discounts, the social life, or even the endless lie-ins? But it’s only too easy to forget the harbinger of doom that surfaces every now and again within our conscious minds, before delving back into the space in our brains reserved for forgotten assignments and unfinished lecture notes.

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A breath of fresh air in the Steel City

Having lived here for nearly two months now, the Sheffield lifestyle is definitely a fresh breathe of air from the loud, hectic and boisterous lifestyle of Nairobi. With incredible architecture all over the city, it’s definitely a place I love getting lost in during my lazy Sundays. Walking down cobblestone foot paths with a Costa cup, bundled up in my parka and possibly looking like an Eskimo, I enjoy the quirky streets splashed with graffiti and lots of weird and historic structures strewn all over the place.

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Top 5 tips for international postgraduate students: make the most out of your time at university

I came to Sheffield from Malaysia in 2012 as an international student, studying LLB Law. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2015. I then decided after three years of employment (also here in Sheffield), that Sheffield is the city I would like to do my Masters too (that proves to you how much I love Sheffield!) In comparison to most international postgraduate students who only just started their first year in Sheffield, I’m in a better position as I have already known the city inside-out as well as university life.

A lot of international postgraduate students found it difficult to make the most out of their time at university as postgraduate course could be really intense, and usually by the time they start to get a grip on everything, it’s time for them to say goodbye. So as someone who has been here long enough, here are my top 5 tips to make the most out of your time at university:

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A week of Residence Life

Residence Life. It’s a concept every University of Sheffield student is familiar with. And if you’re not? Then shame on you for neglecting the brochure you were given the day you moved into halls. Residence Life allows university students to attend sport sessions and activities for free. This privilege, however, is only valid for your first year of uni of which I realised until it was almost too late.

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3 tips to have a more enjoyable PhD experience


Doing a PhD is being one of the best experiences of my life, and not only because of my research (Design of Soft Robotic Implants for Tissue Regeneration. Amazing, huh?). It is because the whole experience involves meeting new people, going new places and learning many different things. It took me one year to finally decide to start this new endeavour. What helped me to take the final decision? The support of my family and friends. Now that you have taken the decision of starting this new life project, I want to be that friend for you and let you know my top three tips for when you come to study your PhD at The University of Sheffield.

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