Deciding on whether to do a dissertation?

As an English Literature student, I didn’t have to do a dissertation. If I did do one, I wouldn’t get as much guidance while writing 10,000 words compared to someone writing a 4000 essay who was also going to lectures and seminars, only to end up with the same 20 credits they would also receive. For many doing English Lit, this was a reason to not do one. There were quite a few of us however, who decided to do a dissertation anyway. Continue reading

Taking advantage of the opportunity: language study at university

In a world in which English has become the lingua franca, knowing it is no longer an advantage. More and more, employers are looking for people who have great language skills are effective communicators in a second or third foreign language.

It is never to late to start and with the right opportunities and determination, you can master a new language. At the University of Sheffield, we are fortunate to have the Languages for All programme. Through it, you have the chance to learn a new language or polish one of the foreign languages you already know. The choice is yours if you want to opt for a clean start or apply your passion to a language you already have some knowledge of. Continue reading

National societies are the bridge between home students and international students

International cultural evening, world food festivals… These events are the showcase of different cultures by students from different countries.

Most of these events are coordinated by International Students Committee which represents the welfare of international students and organises activities that promote and celebrate international culture. Continue reading

The rollercoaster of your early twenties

When I turned twenty, I was very happy to leave my teenage years behind. Puberty had felt like a long, frustrating, and exhausting battle. It is not easy being half- or fully grown up without having the actual rights and power of an adult. As a teenager, I had felt trapped in a world of helplessness, hormones, and chaos – and I wasn’t even your typical storm-out-of-the-room-and-slam-the-door kind of teenager. Continue reading

What to do before leaving The University of Sheffield

As I am now about to conclude my third year and graduate from university, I have decided to write about the things that I think would be helpful to do before you leaving university. This relevant for all those finishing their first year and going into their second year and for some of the second years going into their third year.  I have selected three of the experiences, that I believe enhance your CV and that as a student here, you can give a go. I have done them all in one form or another and I have found it incredibly rewarding, which is why I want to share it with you. Continue reading

A world of 10bn extension – heading to a SURE summer research programme

One of the key functions of academic research is to address issues in the future. After participating in an eye-opening academic programme, the 10bn course, blended with my second-year degree, I gained an insight of how an interdisciplinary research works.

Global population will peak in the next hundred years at around 10 billion, and many global issues can only be solved by the collaboration of different disciplines.
Food, energy, human mobilisation, and justice – how will the future look like or what should the future look like? Continue reading

A question for the international student

My recent experience of job hunting at a Malaysian career fair held in London taught me that, as a Malaysian studying abroad, there is one question I will almost inevitably get asked at job interviews. Some employers will be direct and ask “Why should we hire you instead of students who studied locally (in Malaysia)?” Some will phrase it differently as perhaps “What is the best thing about studying here?” Whatever way they put it, they are trying to figure out the same thing; what makes the overseas student different from the local student. Never mind the fact that the companies’ coming to London with the express intention of searching you out is implication that they do think there is a difference, one that warrants them spending a hefty amount on the trip here. This is time for you to show them your worth! Continue reading