Unsure about postgraduate study? Consider studying part-time!

It’s that time of year when dissertation deadlines are looming, and the pressure is rising with every dreaded question of “so what are you doing next year?”. Trust me, I know how you feel!

A lot of people naturally turn to postgraduate study as it is a logical step in education after an undergraduate degree. However, a lot of people are also put off by the step up in intensity; postgraduate taught degrees run September to September and are 180 credits in comparison to undergraduate degrees which run September to June and are 120 credits, so it’s understandable! Continue reading

Ten things students can do to help save the planet

There’s plenty of pressure in the media to think about what your impact is on the environment, but as students, we don’t have as much control over our footprint as most. I often feel like I should be doing more for our own and future generations. Not having much money to spare limits the impact we think we have; many students already walk or use public transport, and turning off the heating isn’t so simple when you live in a shared house. Most of us aren’t thinking about having kids just yet, or the environmental implications of that. There are still lots of changes we can make though! Here are 10 easy things you can do as a student to reduce your waste and carbon footprint. Please have a look and try out a few… Continue reading

Let’s talk action plans

I don’t know about you, but thinking about the future scares me big time. Almost my whole life, people have been asking what I want do “when I get older”. Now, suddenly, I am “older”, and the feeling that I really should know the answer fuels a steadily increasing panic.

The pressure is on. The future is racing towards us, and with it come swathes of older people – parents, teachers, friends of the family, lecturers – all of whom seem to be determined that we should have some kind of plan, that we should know. Maybe you do know: if so, I’m happy for you. I, for one, definitely don’t. Continue reading

Getting a PhD: Advice from someone who does not yet have a PhD

So you’ve finally made the decision. You’ve decided to shun the real world a little bit longer and take the first steps toward a career in academia. A PhD. Or at least that’s the goal. You’ve got to get accepted on to one first. As it often is with many things in life, getting a PhD is more complicated than it seems. Gone are the days of one simple UCAS application and instead is a rather more confusing application process. It can be to difficult to navigate all the different steps involved in applying to a PhD, and as someone who has not yet been accepted onto a PhD program, I have had a lot of experience with the various ways of applying, so I thought I’d give you a little guidance on how to make your way through the maze. Continue reading

Destination Procrastination

Procrastination. We’re all guilty of it, some of us more than others. And we’ve reached that point in the year where you don’t even realise it’s happening. January exams seem like a distant, long-forgotten memory by now, and it still feels a bit too early to start panicking about summer exams just yet. Whilst deadlines might be in abundance, especially the dreaded dissertation, it can be easy to slip into bad work habits, so here are a few tips and tricks to keep you on track: Continue reading

Love is…?

As we’ve raced through these first few months of 2018, it’s hit me how many different portrayals of love we see at each holiday. January saw New Years Day, a time for family and new resolutions; February saw Valentine’s Day, with romantic love being the primary focus; in March, we see Mother’s Day approaching, emphasising familial love. Continue reading

Why did I choose Sheffield again?

It’s that time of the year, end of February, almost going onto March, when students start wondering: should I apply for a Masters or not? Or, at least, this was me last year, so time for reminiscing with a oldie goldie question: why did I choose Sheffield again?

When I was a fresher, I used to be asked all the time why I chose to study in Sheffield. And I used to invoke all the “prospectus” type reasons: Russell Group University, top league for my Department, number one Students’ Union, green city, safe city, cheap city, not too North, not too South, a friendly place, had friends here. Sometimes I would raise my shoulders and say: just had a hunch? Continue reading