Getting involved in Sheffield’s local music scene

Starting university is a huge transition from your ordinary life. Suddenly you’ve got to consider a whole range of things you might never have thought about before more intensely (getting up on time being one of them!). Being at university brings whole new opportunities to include yourself in new social groups, develop academic/life skills and to change the way you see the world. But the one part of living in a new place that really came to my attention was the thriving music scene.

Being a music student, live music is always something I keep a look out for passionately, but for a lot of people it can be something you can take for granted or maybe don’t even notice when you go down to the local for a drink with your flat mates! So, what does Sheffield have to offer?

A whole range of bars and venues are spread out across the city, each offering its own niche or a welcoming attitude to all styles and trends of music. One of the most iconic venues is Corporation. Known to be one of the messiest nights out as a student (and I don’t just mean the floors), Corporation offers an impressive roster of live artists and bands with affordable ticket rates, bringing bands to their stage such as Soil, A Day to Remember, Airbourne and Bowling For Soup.

If the Corportation line-up doesn’t feature anything you like to you’re into, then there’s always someone going on at the O2 Academy or the Motorpoint Arena. Between them they bring some of the biggest bands and artists across the music spectrum right to your front door.

Looking to get your own band on the stage or maybe just to watch some local talent? Sheffield is home to many bars and pubs that host open mic nights, giving you a chance to get up and show everyone what you can do in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. From my own experience, The Green Room is an excellent place for this kind of thing, always bringing in a great audience and a brilliant night to be had by audience and performer every time!

There are literally venues for every type of live music around every corner of Sheffield, with more and more appearing all the time without you even realizing, spoiling you for choice no matter what you’re looking for. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a chance to get up in front of a fresh crowd of faces and sing your own material or see your favourite band play in your new home, there is nothing to stop you!

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