Moving from Halls to a Shared House

Hello! Having now lived in a shared house for the past two months, I can safely say that there are some clear differences to living in Halls. I personally loved living in Halls, you met so many people, and you lived within a stone’s throw of wherever they lived. It was a separate community and it was great. However coming to the end of my first year, I knew that I wanted to progress onto something new and this came in the form of moving into a shared house.


I’m in a house of five and the only girl (I know- you think I’m mad) but it’s been great! Sure, you now have to actually worry about bills, and you don’t have your own shower, but it’s somehow better. You’re (hopefully) living with a great set of friends, you have more space and did I mention you now have a double bed? Although I loved decorating my room in Halls, I love making my new room feel more homely, especially now that I’m allowed fairy lights and candles. Even though you can’t just walk across the road to visit your friends, I find it means more when you do meet up, as you have actually gone out of your way to (plus, you can have a snoop at their house and see how they’ve decorated their room).

One of the main plus sides of living in a shared house is that it’s so much cheaper! You’ll find so much more money left over from your student loan than you did when living in Halls. This can then allow you buy things such as actual branded cheese (if you’re not a student you won’t understand how much of a treat this is) or going out to the cinema every now and then.

In short, I love living in a house and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’ve recently moved into a shared house – how are you finding it? Let me know if the comments!


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