Reading Week, writing essays and reflections

If we look back, I think everyone has had at least once one of those “I can’t wait to got to uni” moments. It was like pure adrenaline shot through your body, you would have done anything just to get rid of exams. You waited and strived for that one moment: university. A sort of long and imposing word, yet for many the essence of their aspirations, a  step closer to their dream.

So, you get here. You are enthusiast, you want to party and you want to study.  Works slowly piles up, not literally a pile, just a dozen of books giving you “the look” for not paying them attention. But forget that, because Reading Week comes and it is almost strategically placed to give you time to catch up with the reading and do some work for your essays. But do you?

Of course not. We are students. We start with a break, we celebrate the beginning of Reading Week, we recover from celebrating, and then we panic. Then that day comes, the last day of Reading Week, in which you have either done minimal reading or no reading, depending on your level of procrastination. And yet, because we are young and enthusiastic, if want we can actually get work done. So you push yourself to work.  The Information Commons becomes your home. We all know by now that it is really quite welcoming – good food, lots of places to nap. After flipping through ten sources for an essay, a desk magically transforms itself into the fluffiest bed on Earth, and that piece of writing is better than counting sheep. “One sheep, two sheep, three sheep…” is quite similar to “one page, two pages, three pages, ten pages… oh no,  another fifteen to go”.

Essay time comes and you join your bits of research together, summon the last drops of your energy and start it all over again. It is probably 3am. The street is empty and a thick layer of fog obstructs the view, your room is lit up by the small desk lamp and as you sit there, you realise it is not bad. Strangely as it sounds for your exhausted body, you like it. You write and read, and can’t really help but thing “this is what I want”. To be fair, it’s not like you have a choice, you can’t go anywhere else – remember when you were in middle school,  then you still had secondary school, and than you had uni… that place where you want to be. Now, the list is gone, it’s either uni or a workplace, and you still miss you home, your mom and dad, you dog and cat and the little things you never paid attention to, so you want to remain a child just for a bit longer. Adulthood is too much of a scary business and here in uni, you are just fine. So you smile and keep on going, because there are deadlines to meet.


One thought on “Reading Week, writing essays and reflections

  1. This links nicely with my post on not having a clue what you’re doing! I like where you take this piece though, and make it about the frankly terrifying prospect of actually having to grow up, really nicely written 🙂


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