Southerner in Steel City

Being a southerner, I was constantly warned that Sheffield was dull and smokey, and that I shouldn’t go up north for University. Over a month in, I couldn’t be happier that I came to this lovely city. It’s nothing like the usual city you encounter, people are a lot nicer – and it is a very compact city, so you shouldn’t get too lost!

The university itself is amazing, I remember visiting for an open day just over a year ago, and although I only really saw the Arts Tower and Students’ Union, I fell in love.

When moving out to uni, you really do need to actually like the destination and, of course, the university – it’s not just a matter of whether the course is the best. The Sheffield University campus is so diverse. There’s the traditional redbrick of Firth Court and the Stephenson building, to the modern architecture of Jessop West, the Students’ Union and the striking Diamond which, although it isn’t due to be completed until 2015, I walk past all the time to head to my departmental building, and it is going to look great once the build is completed.

I remember receiving the email the day after results day, saying that I had been allocated a room in an apartment in Endcliffe. It was the best news (after finding out i’d been accepted to study at the university, obviously). A month in and I love living in Endcliffe, it is such a lovely little place to live, and it is super safe! I’m not too sure if many of us first years like the whole idea of living down “killer hill”, but we’ve found a shortcut, so there really is no reason not to love everything about Sheffield or the University.

I remember moving in day like it was only yesterday. Driving down the motorway and seeing signs for Sheffield made my heart flutter – it was finally real. I was finally moving to Sheffield. I couldn’t have chosen a better university if I tried, the location of the student accommodation is perfect. My flatmates are super lovely and my course, Journalism Studies, has lived up to it’s standards.

As an obsessive blogger, I jumped on the whole “new place, new blog post” thing, and I found myself blogging about my first week in Sheffield. I feel so at home here already, there are plenty of photo opportunities, where I can show just how delightful it is to live here in Sheffield.

Many first years often forget about the whole ‘work’ situation. You spend all summer building up to Intro Week, and as soon as the week is over, you’re knocked back down to earth as you’re thrown in at the deep end with 8am lectures. It took me a while to grasp the whole balance between juggling a social university life and I still struggle with it a bit, especially trying to get into a sleeping pattern.

I love every part about being a Sheffield student, we really do get the best of both worlds.

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