What to do in Sheffield at Christmas!

Sheffield is a brilliant city throughout the year, but it is just that bit extra special at Christmas. I have lived in Sheffield for just over four years now, so this is my fourth Christmas in the Steel City, and I wanted to share some of my favourite events, places to visit and where to eat and drink at this time of year!

Food and Drink:

December is the perfect time of year for hearty Yorkshire grub and a nice hot drink, and Sheffield has such a vast selection of restaurants and cafes it is hard to know where to begin! Café Ceres is a cosy French Alpine restaurant, perfect for both dates and family meals, which have a brilliant looking Christmas menu.

But if you want to sample truly the best of Yorkshire’s cuisine, I 100% recommend Silversmiths restaurant. Locally sourced, superbly cooked, creative food, and also currently offering a mouth-watering Christmas menu.

Of all the coffee shops in Sheffield, for a nice warm drink (and some food that surpasses most restaurants!), try Tamper Coffee. Their two shops both have a brilliant atmosphere, and as well as serving exceptional drinks (try the seven hour cold-brew coffee, blue-flower Earl Grey or a hot, malty Milo), the New Zealand inspired brunch/lunch menu will keep you returning as a regular customer there!


I love buying people (including myself!) gifts from around Sheffield, and we are spoilt for choice! Whether it is just a bottle of Henderson’s relish, or something a little fancier, here’s where to shop local.

For great gifts, and amazing food, head down to Peddler Market on 12th & 13th of December.  Check out the website for details, but a mix of street food, craft beer, cocktails, vintage clothing and local craft producers sounds too good to miss! Also find them on Twitter and Facebook for the latest details.

Anyone who hasn’t yet been to the Millenium Gallery shop on Arundel Gate – you are missing out! For free (yes that’s right!) you can look in the gallery which displays local artwork. Also, the gallery has a superb collection of locally inspired art, craft and food gifts for sale all year round. Their ‘Handmade for Christmas’ shop is currently open, offering work from some of Sheffield’s finest artists, designers and craftspeople. So whether you want some Sheffield Honey, some of the famous Sheffield stainless steel, or some Steel City inspired artwork, the Milllenium Gallery is the place to go.

Places to visit:

Let’s be frank, if it snows the Peak District is going to look stunning! And even if not, you can still get some spectacular views. Check local transport, as it is really surprising how easy it is to get trains and buses from Sheffield into the heart of the Peak District.

My only specific recommendation here (and it is a little unusual!) is to pay the Mayfield Alpaca Farm a visit . At any time of year the range of animals, including adorable alpacas and llamas are worth a visit. But if it snows, it will be an even better experience. For only a small entry fee, and situated in the Peak District but only a short bus ride from the city centre to Ringinglow village, a trip here is a very good value day out, and well-worth a visit in my opinion!

That is my lot for suggestions! But if you have any, please feel free to post them in the comments below. Finally, I am not affiliated with, or benefit from any of the companies mentioned in this article.

Merry Christmas!

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