Gifts on a budget


It’s getting to that time of year again where you need to start thinking about what gifts you can get people for Christmas but, through being a student on a budget, you feel a bit stuck (this happens throughout various times of the year too, whether it be birthdays or other religious holidays). Here are my top tips for giving gifts on a budget!

  1. Get creative

I’ve found one of the cheapest way to buy gifts is to make them yourself! No matter what the receiver is into, there will be something that you can make them. Don’t fear – there are plenty of step-by-step DIY gift ‘how to’ ideas that you can find online! Aside from the cost factor, I know that people, especially family members, will appreciate the time and effort that you have gone into for them and this will make it a more memorable gift.

  1. Try discount stores

Discount stores can be a bit hit and miss at times. Yes, there is a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t really want to buy as a part of a gift, but you can find some real gems! Whether it’s homeware, bath products or even food, I’ve never found anything wrong with any products that I have bought from there and you can’t tell the difference!

  1. Baked goods

A great gift that doesn’t cost a lot is baked goods, and I can guarantee that they’ll have a good reception. Why not have a go at making your own boxes or gift bags that you can use as a part of your gift? This will make them look professional, and the person receiving them will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you have made it all!

  1. Personalise

A great way to make a gift mean something more is to personalise it, and it doesn’t have to cost the world. A really nice gift is to print out a photo and put it into a frame. This is an inexpensive but thoughtful gift, as it shows that you’ve actually taken time to think about the person rather than just buying them a DVD or something similar.

  1. Buy jointly/split up gift sets

When I say buy jointly, I mean one of two things. You can either buy a gift for a couple that can be used by both of them, or you could join up with someone to share the cost (for example a sibling). Something else that can be cost effective, but also slightly personal, is buying gift sets but separating them up into your own personal sets for people.

So there you have my top tips! Is there anything that you would add?

Jess xx

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