Sheffield has been voted the best city in the UK for countryside lovers

We won!

BBC’s Countryfile Magazine wanted to find out what UK city is the best to live in if you’re a lover of the countryside. It was probably already known that Sheffield would win, we have the Peaks right on our doorstep!

It is so pleasing to hear that our lovely city has been named Outdoors City of the Year. That’s another award in the bag for us Sheffielders – yes, I’m sure all students at our University have named themselves as being a lovely Sheffield resident, who wouldn’t want to? South Yorkshire is a lovely place to be!

Our city received 71% of the votes, which is crazy, especially as the runner up, Edinburgh, only had 21% of the votes. I think we all knew who was going to win from the very start. Students and staff from the university were backing our wonderful city.

BBC’s Countryfile included a few reasons why we came out on top:

“Half the population live within 15 minutes of open countryside”,

“The UK city with the most green space, and parks that lead seamlessly from the city out to the Peak District”,

“Great outdoorsy shops and resources”,

“Sheffield is green on so many levels”,

“It has to be Sheffield: hills, valleys, rock faces, cycle paths, moors, there’s nothing you can’t do!.” Ah those Sheffield hills, you can never hate them!

Sheffield city council were pleased to hear the result, after Countryfile tweeted them earlier today. The reaction says it all… @SheffCouncil “WE DID IT! Sheffield is officially named the best UK city for countryside lovers. Thanks to all who voted for us.”

The joy also spread to our university, with the main twitter account @sheffielduni tweeting: “Great news that Sheffield has been voted the best UK city for countryside lovers by @countryfilemag” Oh, and how can we forget, SSID were super happy too – on Facebook, they said: “We always knew that Sheffield would win, because Sheffield is awesome.”

We’re very proud of our city, Sheffield has made us very proud this year. We’re sure that 2015 will give Sheffield the chance to show off once again how amazing this place is to live, work and study in!

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