To the year 2015

A letter to the year 2015:

Last year had many great memories and things to be thankful for. Many of us had exams, which we passed with flying colours, started university, and made new friends. It has been an year with ups and downs, many achievements, and some difficulties too.

I am thankful to have met lots of wonderful people. I could spend ages writing about them, telling you how fun they are and how much I enjoy to spend my time with them. I am glad they are my friends and that near them I can grow as a person. To be able to learn from them and share my thoughts is a true gift.

However, that is not the reason I’m writing this letter. I’m writing this to you, the year 2015, to ask you to look upon us more kindly than 2014 has, for it has been an year in which too many tears have been spilt.

I watched the world, as I knew it, fall apart. I have never before seen this much conflict, hatred, and disagreement between people as I have seen this year. I have never before witnessed the suffering of so many innocent victims as I did in the past year.

Why? You don’t have the answer to my question, but at least hear my plea. Be more gentle to us, be the year in which we can dry our tears, be the year in which we put our differences away and act more humanely.

Please, be more kind, let us rebuild and smile again, let the suffering stop. I hope you are an amazing year. Many of us will work to making you a year to remember and smile when we think about you. You would like that, wouldn’t you?


Someone who hopes

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