What’s it like studying music at The University of Sheffield?

Overall, arts courses can be so completely different to each other when looking at different universities, but what is it about studying music at Sheffield that makes it a definitive choice?

Well, I came to Sheffield as a mainly popular-based musician with an uneven interest in the specifics of classical music, even though this uni does cater to a lot of “classicists” needs musically. Seems a bit odd, right? Well, when I looked into the course here I saw more of a clear chance for me to push myself and really throw myself out of my comfort zone. I thought, well, surely its a great idea to learn even more skills, skills that I probably will hardly ever touched if I just stay in my little corner of popular music! I struggled at first and found it hard but thats uni, right? Who doesn’t in first year! (Coincidentally, that’s my advice to anyone taking music at Sheffield – it may seem new and areas may seem completely scary, but it pays off to learn to understand them!)

So, of “course” (aha, do you get it? I’m sorry…) within music there are plenty of ways you can be examined or assessed and I’m sure throughout college or high school there were some general ways of examination that always popped up (listening exam, ensemble performance, etc). Well the flood gates open once you get to higher education! Prepare yourself for exams, assessments, essays, portfolios, recitals, extended recitals and all sorts of strange ideas lecturers can think of! But on a serious note, with an obvious exception to exams, there is a real sense of freedom with this department on what you write about, compose or perform for any type of assessment you have to take within all the modules available to you. Likewise, the module choices offered to you as you progress through the ranks of the undergraduate are very generous. This is one of the things I like most about the course – I have the chance to take my degree in any direction I like! I’m a very practical musician and through this course I’ve been able to do recitals of all kinds and even conducting, while also being able to take some more specific modules based on things such as visual imagery and music. There is practically the ability to do anything you like no matter whether you’re wanting to be a producer, performer or musicologist.

So yeah, hope that helps give you an idea of what there is to know about studying music at Sheffield University to some “degree” (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist..). Thanks for reading and happy new year!

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