Travel to Brighton

During the Christmas holiday, I as well as my friend travelled to several British cities, from the South England to North Ireland. 11 days, 7 cities – and I have to say, Brighton is my favourite.


I once had a friend who was a photographer and told me that Brighton was the most beautiful coastal city he had ever seen. Because of what he said, Brighton became my dream city to travel to.

Brighton 2

Actually, all the cities I visited this time were gorgeous. I will not forget River Thames in London, lawns in Oxford, the river and parks in Cambridge, the museum gallery in Glasgow and the Giants’ Causeway in Belfast. All of them were so brilliant, but when I asked myself what made Brighton my favourite city, the first thing came into my mind was… fish and chips.

Yep, not the Ferris wheel, not the endless coast, not the famous Brighton Pier. What impressed me most was the restaurants, the commonly-seen food, and the diners, which set the sea off even more beautifully.

Brighton 3

What is a good city? It’s hard to define. But I believe, Brighton is absolutely a good city.

The moment I went out the rail station, I found it warm and cute. Walking along the streets, there appeared lots of delicate and interesting shops. The clean and tidy roads also impressed me a lot. So, although we booked accommodation a bit far from the rail station, we really enjoyed walking to where we were staying.

Brighton 4


Brighton 5


Brighton 6

And the most miraculous thing is, this was indeed the first time I came here, but it seemed that I had lived here for several years, especially when I had the nuggets and chips by the seashore, just like many other local residents.

In Brighton, residents and travelers can stay together, and I was influenced by their relaxed lifestyle. It’s even hard for me to imagine that living in such a sweet city, with a coast full of fish and chips restaurants, how you could ever be sad or troubled. When feeling unhappy, just run or ride the coast, come to the pier, and enjoy the “national food”. After then, I believe all the worries should be gone.

Brighton 8

Brighton is really suitable for both living and travelling. I always like a city with water and love, and luckily, Brighton is such a place.

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