Nine observations during the revision/exam period

  1. Christmas is over…exams are approaching:

As the first lot of snow begins to melt and the student villages begin repopulating, the realisation of exams in a few weeks’ time really begins to sink in. Decorations are still up however… and for the superstitious among you, decorations may be staying up for another year now!

  1. Revision, revision and revision…

As one friend put it, “studying for this semester’s exams has been like studying for three A levels in four months”. Obviously this effects everyone in different ways. Whilst some virtually hibernate in their rooms revising, some other students appear a lot more relaxed, including holding a flat party the night before the exam…


  1. Possibly more chance of winning the lottery than finding a seat at the IC:

Whilst students practically vanished at the “3pm end of school bell”, it would take more than a bell to remove some of the students in the IC. There are even rumours that some dedicated students have camped in the IC for a week before exams. Food, showers, Wi-Fi and heating… I suppose you’ve got to get your money’s worth from the £9000-a-year tuition fees somehow!


  1. Procrastination in the snow…

Following the move for many from snowless Southern England to snowy Northern Sheffield, the snow has given ample excuse to many as a means of procrastination over the Christmas vacation. Whilst many students resorted to the standard snowman, the mechanical engineers took this opportunity seriously and built a rather impressive igloo…

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  1. Shopping maths

I was in Tesco and there was an offer for “two boxes of cereal bars for £3, or 1 box for £1 each”. “What a bargain, you better get two boxes” she said to the guy next to her… Let’s hope that neither of them are studying for a Maths degree!


  1. Hoping that you’ve passed…

With the quantity of biscuits, mugs of hot chocolate and grapes fueling revision over the past few weeks, it is genuinely hoped that you will have passed.


  1. Your UCard:

One of the most valuable possessions you will have whilst at university. From access to the printers, library entrance, free ice-cream at McDonalds to sitting your exam. Don’t be the one in the exam hall that forgets their UCard.


  1. “Please make every effort to make it to your exam safely”:

“Arriving 10 minutes before the exam” now includes battling icy hills, attempting to walk on the paths without slipping and avoiding the snowball fights. Add another 30 minutes to your travel time.


  1. The end of the exams:

Nothing seems quite as annoying as when the majority of your friends/flatmates have finished their exams and you’re still revising. However, after two weeks of exams and what seems like an eternity of revising, you will have survived the first semester of University! Time for celebrations…

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