Skill dating for Sheffield students

Guess what! It’s only one semester down since I arrived, and I managed to start a new society! Proud girl is proud. Okay, so what’s it about? Basically, it’s like speed dating, but with skills. So for that reason, I called it Brain Dates. It’s as simple as it sounds: the concept is a bit like CouchSurfing. Once our website will finally be up and running, you’ll be able to create your own profile, offering to share with others skills that you’re good at and other skills that you’d like to learn. For instance, I’m a feminist and can tell you a whole lot about how to identify sexist abuse and prevent it over a latte at Coffee Revs. You, on the other hand, might be an amazing cook and could teach me how to turn egg whites into snow. 😉

I wanted to start this society because I know of a really successful website started in Montréal which I used to work with, and it does exactly this. Having tried it out myself and knowing a number of others who have, I can definitely vouch for the incredible feeling of gratification that comes with helping another person, meeting someone new or even exchanging about common interests. It’s an *excellent* ice-breaker and a great way to feel confident and comfortable meeting new, amazingly interesting people from your very union.

Photo credit goes to photographer Andy Brown (

Photo credit goes to photographer Andy Brown (

So, the plans for the near future: with the help of my wonderful team, I’ll be organising events anyone can join and to which you’re all warmly invited. More details to come! In the mean time, check out the the Societies Festival taking place 18th February 2015 (Wednesday) from 11am to 5pm in the Sheffield Students’ Union. We’ll likely be there to meet you and answer any questions, comments, ideas or enthusiasm you may have. It’s also a great way to get familiar with all the cool activities we’ve got going on at the union!

If you want to get in touch or join the society, we’ll happily welcome you!

Our team, so far, is composed of:
Vanessa (me):  President
Sam: Treasurer & Communications
Mark: Inclusions Officer
Jack: Secretary
Isaac: Online Media

The e-mail address to reach us is

& find us on Facebook and Twitter at @shefbraindates, we’ll shortly be animating these like pros!

May your second term be ever so gloriously filled with learning and human compassion. 🙂

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