Semester two aims

Exams have officially come to an end and I hope they went well for you all. My exams weren’t too bad, so I was really pleased as they were my first ‘batch’ of university exams. Now to hang on and wait for results. In the meantime, how about a list of things that many students tell themselves they’ll do in semester two? The majority of these aims are actually what I was thinking once I’d finished my last exam, but if I ever achieve any of them… well that’s another matter.

1. Spend more wisely 

Yes, we all say this every semester. As I’m a first year, the excitement of a student loan got the better of me back in September, and I managed to blow the remains of what I had left to live on… on clothes. Bad move there. But this semester, I’m sure everyone will be a little more careful. Just think, the weather should be improving soon (well I hope), so having to pay for buses and taxis everywhere will soon change, and you’ll be saving up that money by walking to and from uni etc.

Food is another problem for spending money. I decided to go self-catered, purely because I wanted the freedom of cooking for myself. Little did I know that I’d get fed up of it by the end of week two. So this semester, I’ll try my hardest not to eat out as much, and to buy food that actually makes a meal, not vice versa, where it can only supplement a snack.

2. Make more friends

First semester was a bit of a blur. It was weird, settling into the swing of things was rather touch and go, and you don’t want to do anything to make people thing “who is that person?” I probably shouldn’t have been so quiet, so that will change. At least everyone is used to the way things are studying here at Sheffield. So hopefully I’ll meet even more people in seminars and workshops throughout the semester.

3. Improve my CV

Even now, my journalistic CV is looking very good, but the urge to improve it is still there. Work placements are great, but many of them are so far from Sheffield, so having to save up to travel to these places is a little hard. The great thing about a degree in journalism is that we’re able to practice everything we’ve learned in big companies when we go on work placement!

4. Sort out something for the summer

The summer holiday between finishing A-levels and starting university was extremely long. Knowing that summer 2015 will be just as long, many students want to plan something to help the months go by, whether that’s  a summer job, internship, work experience, travelling or just volunteering to help support your CV.

My aim? Well of course I would love to go travelling throughout the summer, but I think my aim for summer 2015 is to go on a few work placements, and spend time with my family.

5. Pass the year!

I really had no idea how to go about end of semester exams – I didn’t really know how university exams were. Exams on a topic I’d never studied before were pretty weird too, a little different to the same old  English Literature and History exams. It was weird swapping the Shakespeare and Margret Thatcher quotes for quotes from the BBC and journalists.

I have no idea how well (or badly) I’ve done. I’m hoping I’ve passed all my exams, because re-revising for them would be horrid. My timetable for semester two looks great, all the modules seem super interesting, and the aspiring journalist in me is excited and raring to go once again for start of semester! It can’t be too hard to pass the year? First year doesn’t count, right? So if I continue to work hard, passing should be relatively achievable?

Hopefully you all had a great first semester, and are looking forward to this second semester. Good luck with it!

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