Thoughts of moving into second semester

So the first week of the second semester has been and gone; you’re still trying to work out how you’re on week one whilst your other friends at different unis are having their reading week already, and you’re already looking forward to the Easter holidays. I’ve had a few thoughts about this new semester, which I think a lot of people can relate to…

  1. Telling yourself you’ll do all the reading.

Depending on your course, your schedule of reading will vary. As I study English Literature there is of course a lot of reading. When I say you tell yourself you’ll do all the reading, I mean both the set reading and the extra suggested reading. Feasibly if you did this for every module every week, you would have no time left to do anything else! Instead of unrealistically saying that I will read absolutely everything, my goal is to keep on top of my reading, and to make more annotations and notes so that come assessment/exam period when I look back, I can easily see the main points of interest, and recall why these are such.

  1. Getting up early every day

Now I don’t know about you, but over the Christmas holidays I became pretty used to waking up late every day, to then casually roll out of bed and begin my day. I can’t be the only one who questions how they used to wake up with enough time to be in at half 8 every morning for school can I? Again, realistically I am not going to be someone who can wake up at 7 every morning, jump right out of bed, and start working by 8. I do, however, want to use what time I do have in the day more wisely. I now know what times I work at best, and when there’s just no hope of any concentration. I’m going to try and use this knowledge to my full ability, and if I am able to accomplish this, I can become one of those people who actually have evenings off and aren’t doing work then.

  1. Going to the Gym

I was as surprised as anyone when I signed up to the gym last semester. I really enjoyed going but I became a bit slack around the assessment period (plus going out in the horrible weather wasn’t that appealing), but to try and combat this for the upcoming semester I have scheduled in ‘gym’ time into my timetable. I’m hoping that if I put this into my timetable, I’ll actually succeed in going as I have put time aside for that specific purpose. I don’t generally use the actual gym, but I use my membership to go to fitness classes, which I really enjoy. As you have already paid, this means that you can try out different ones to see which ones suit you, and you’re not obliged to having to go on a weekly basis.

  1. Starting Assessments

This is something that I do want to stick to. You know when you get set your assessments a few weeks before they’re due, but you don’t start doing anything on it until about a week later? (Don’t worry, I’m definitely not one of those ‘I can do it the night before’ people). I think as they give you a few weeks, for the first week you think about the sort of thing that you may write about, but don’t give it your full attention. This goes back to my point about being on top of my reading; by the time assessments are set, I would have liked to have already thought about what kind of thing I would like to write about, so I can get cracking when it is set.

  1. Budget more wisely

So the student loan came in a few weeks ago, and you looked at your bank balance and thought ‘wahoo I have money again!’. I know the urge of wanting to go out and spend it, but I do want to be more strict with a budget. If you’re living in student halls this will be a lot easier, as your rent comes out just after your loan comes in, and covers all your bills too. For those like me living in a shared house, our loan/rent days do not coincide, and even after that’s been taken out you still need to take into account your various bills that are coming out. I have found it easier having two bank accounts, as I know that one covers rent/bills/necessities, and the other covers everything else.

Is there anything else you would add to my list/have thought about this week while starting the second semester?

For my post in March I will be doing a #youknowyoureastudentwhen post and would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment or tweet me @jesslouisekeen with your ideas and I’ll be sure to include them and will credit them back to you!

Jess xxx

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