New friends, fresh perspective

I like fiction more than facts, fantasy more than reality and I believe that a bit of mystery adds spice to an otherwise ordinary life. Since I’ve come to Sheffield, I have had the opportunity to meet people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, which is largely due to the fact that I am doing my Masters in Public Health, which is a popular course among international students. I have met people from the remotest parts of the world as well as those from the popular cities and countries.

So in this month’s blog, I felt that I should write a testimony to those people who I met after coming to Sheffield and I will mention only those who made an impact on my life and are my friends since I’m bound by limits of time and space (also the list is rather long, on account of me being a social butterfly. LOL, no, I am just lazy). To make things interesting I have assigned each of these people a Pokémon that best represents them, since I have been a massive Pokémon fan since forever (no judgements please).

I would start off by talking about Butterfree who lives in my house. Cute as a button, she’s been great at cheering me up when I have felt low. She throws crazy parties and is often “Malakopa” which is Mexican for someone who gets drunk quickly and does crazy stuff.

Since the next one is my favourite, I will call her Charmander. This girl is whom I speak to the most among my MPH friends. We’ve bonded over procrastination, bad jokes and puns. She has wisdom beyond her years and is a general happy bubble of optimism.

Then, the Arcanine from Italy. I met him under mysterious circumstances but fate had a role to play in making us the awesomesauce friends that we are today. He judges me for my taste in music, does things that scare me sometimes but he has always been there, to share a coffee or talk about literally the stupidest things to stuff as deep as the Grand Canyon. He’s my sunshine friend, brightens a dull day anytime and brings a smile to my face.

Talking about graceful Pokémon, I need to include the Rapidash; she’s Japanese, smart, fun and does everything with the grace of a ballerina. She makes Limbo look easy, which is no mean feat.

Then we have the Beedrill; she’s British, has everything organized and coordinated at all times. She’s the human equivalent of the Evernote application. She literally runs the show at all the times.

There is the Kadabra. His appearance is quite deceptive. Looks like a regular, quiet nerd but the reality is otherwise. I can’t say much because I can’t figure him out but he’s an interesting Pokémon. And you really do need a strong psyche to be around him, but it’s worth the effort.

Then we have the quintessential cutie-pie, the Clefairy. She’s tiny, cute and always quite cheery. She’s from Ecuador and has the knowledge of chocolate making and the divine power of cocoa.

We have our very own smart kitty cat, Persian. The wisest member of the group, with widespread knowledge of Yorkshire, this smart cat also has the gift of vitality and my favourite game is to make people guess her real age. She knows the best places for everything, be it cocktails or chocolate.

It would be unjust to talk about cutesy things and not mention the adorable Pikachu. Pikachu is studying MPH part time and is everyone’s favourite. He is also a fellow One Direction fan and bears resemblance to Louis Tomlinson.

Last but not the least in any sense, my first friend in Sheffield, this bundle of energy, a Jigglypuff from Malaysia. We don’t meet or get to talk very often but she’s a fun person to be around.

Coming to Sheffield has been a great experience on various levels. I found not one but two people who share my birthday. Falling in the snow. Soaking in the sunlight on those rare sunny days. Waking up at an insane hour to watch the Cricket world cup with the Indian and Pakistan societies. Wandering off on my own and exploring Sheffield.

I know more about French, Italian, British, Russian, Mexican, Spanish, Malaysian and Japanese cultures than I ever knew before.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. As I said earlier, I’ve met so many amazing people, some of whose names I couldn’t pronounce and seen some faces that are unforgettable. I am especially thankful to my friends here, for accepting me and being so warm and friendly. I have never felt out of place or homesick, thanks to their generosity and affection. All these people have left an imprint on my mind and will always be a significant part of my memories.

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