Need more confidence to apply for an internship or part-time job, why not try “Taste of Work”?

When you do not have little to no experience, and are trying to look for a part-time job, things can look a bit daunting. However, you don’t need to worry – our wonderful uni can give you a helping hand with their amazing programme Taste of Work”. 

The experience is aimed at students with little or no work experience who are thinking of finding work and want to boost their chances of employment. It’s amazing, because of the wide range of activities you can select from. Let’s say you are a student who wants to find something related to Marketing; all you have to do is say that in your application, and you will be matched accordingly. Somehow the system works so as to give you the closest possible match from the areas you selected. Plus, it is very flexible; you can select the times when you are available. Say, for example, you have Fridays off – just select Friday as the day when you want to have your “Taste of Work”. Once you submit your application, you will be contacted by the team, with further details like when and where you have to go.

I applied for one in the first semester and was matched with the wonderful team from the Careers Service. I learnt so much in those few hours that I cannot really describe. At one point towards the end of the session I was tasked with making a feedback box. No idea why, but I really enjoyed making it and took extra care, so it looked really neat and well-made.

The greatest impact “Taste of work”  had was that my attitude towards working and getting a job changed to a more positive light. I always looked forward to working, but the thought of working made me anxious and worried that I could not carry out tasks effectively, that I’d be too slow, that I wouldn’t be able to understand what people asked of me. Basically, all sorts of nonsense that had no real basis. With “Taste of Work”, this changed. I saw that I can carry out tasks, I am a quick learner and I can work really fast when needed. In other words, I gained more confidence in myself and my abilities.

If you feel you need a bit of experience and more confidence to apply for an internship or a part-time job, why not give it a try. I am sure it will be a positive experience. It is short and flexible, easy to fit tight schedules, and with high chances of matching your interests.

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