Feeling at home an ocean away from home

As an international student from North America, I can say there’s quite a difference between life over there and life over here. While it’s not a complete transfiguration or a demented culture shock, there are still facts to be noted.

One of the things that blows my mind is how the UK is such a small part of land and how it’s *sooooo* filled with people. I grew up in Canada, where the total population is just above 34 million people. Compared to that, the UK probably fits 30 times in the surface of land, and holds twice as many people. DEMENTED!

While it doesn’t show in a city as green as Sheffield, it is quite fascinating and amusing to hear all the different accents when you start traveling around in the same country.

Speaking of which: being in Europe, that’s a major plus. I’d say my preferred of the ‘pluses’, even. Everything is so super close, it’s incredible! I find it quite funny when people say London (2 hours of train) is far, when for me, 8 hours of bus travel is the norm to get anywhere. 😉

So, traveling is what I’ve started doing! Last week there was an electroacoustic concert (topic of my research) in Leicester, where I met a crew that does the same as we do up here in Sheffield. It was  incredible! I got to meet  really nice people and have passionate conversations. (There’s no way I could’ve done that so casually back in Canada.)

Vanessa Post 3

And this weekend, I had the treat of taking the train through the Peak District and seeing the nice Derbyshire hills, to visit Manchester for the MANTIS festival, where one of my music pieces will be interpreted. How cool is that!

Moving to another country is undoubtedly challenging, but what’s nice after a while is that you actually come to feel at home. I realised this when I came back from Leicester the other day and felt a sense of high familiarity and comfort when I started hearing people speak with a Yorkshire accent. It was magic. 🙂

If you’re like me and recently moved to Sheffield: hang in there, and trust that everything’ll be alright. You can’t go wrong in Sheffield, plus it’s an amazingly friendly city.

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