Finding the career for you

So, I’ve now gotten halfway through my last term at The University of Sheffield and it dawned upon me a few weeks ago that I should really start looking into what I’m going to do after I graduate. I know we had some career talks at the start of first semester but It didn’t really sink in, “July? Thats ages away, I’ve got plenty of time!”. But here I am – luckily The University of Sheffield has it down in terms of careers help!

It’s a completely daunting situation to be in when really thinking into what you want to do for a career, but the first piece of advice I can give anyone is to book an appointment with the Careers Service. They give you a 20 minute session with a careers adviser who really helps you think through what you want to do and gives you lots of advice and tips towards career pathways. They also provide you with lots of information, website links and databases to start looking at whats available. Of course, this is all well and good, but you obviously need more than just the ability to look at some websites. As well as advice, they offer helpful services like CV and cover letter reviews where a skilled member of staff will go through your CV/cover letter with you and point out what’s strong about it and what you can amend to make it more attractive to the employer you’re sending it off to. Not to mention, signing up to their email list can give you updates on current graduate jobs, placements, internships and post graduate opportunities available. So, for step one I’d definitely advise going down to their building and booking yourself an appointment!

My next tip is to make sure you get involved in as many things as possible while studying – committees, societies, volunteering or any other type of experience available to you. I myself haven’t really had much experience in the work place but over the past three years I’ve taken part in a number of University schemes and placements as well as organising some of the Students’ Union’s biggest events through Societies Committee, which at the end of the day all counts and has given me a lot of experience into what I plan to be doing after I graduate. So, yeah… aspire to get involved with any opportunity that you can, you’ll thank yourself when you come to finish your final year!

Lastly, don’t let it bring you down! Its a huge thing to think about, finally growing up and going into the grown up world, right? But, either way, you’ve gained something by just going to The University of Sheffield, firstly for it being one of the countries top universities and secondly by the vast amount of networking possibilities you have on offer to you here. Start with the basics and talk to your lecturers about where you are mentally in your decision on what you want to do and see what they can advise you to think about and who they can direct you to. They might know people doing exactly what you want to do, who can explain more about what you’ll need to be part of that chosen career.

So, to summarise: dont panic! Make sure you get involved in as much as you can, use the services available to you as a student here like the Careers Service and remember to discuss career pathways with your lecturers! In the past three weeks I’ve used these three bits of advice and managed to find myself 6 placements and get my CV reviewed and amended to a better standard.

So, good luck! If you have any questions feel free to comment below and as always, thanks for reading!

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