Thinking of a summer job? Take a step ahead with the “Skills for Work Certificate”

I am young and probably a child at heart. Actually, it is more like there are two halves fighting for dominance, the child and the adult.

Right now, the adult is writing with advice on how to boost your employability skills while doing that summer job or volunteering project. It is called “Skills for Work Certificate”, and not many have it, which means that if you go for it, you would be one step ahead.

Let’s be honest, it is very competitive getting a job these days and any extra skills or qualifications you have will give you the end over other people. 

The “Skills for Work Certificate” is an unique opportunity to reflect on what skills you gain while you work, which will prove very helpful for interviews, applications, CV and all that adult stuff. This is very helpful when you have to start thinking and applying for graduate jobs.

To take part in the programme, you have to attend a 60 min briefing, work a minimum of 50 hours (either paid work or voluntary work) and write a reflective record. This is focused on the skills you gained and their relevance to your future career interests. It is important to note, that you do not have to work only in the UK; if you are an international student, and you are going home for summer and plan to take a job there, you can still apply.

Take a minute and check the Careers Service website to find out more. I personally think it is a wonderful programme, which can help you identify your skills and will show employers that you are a dedicated and reliable individual.

What are you waiting for? Get on, book a session, find out more, decide if it is for you, and give it a go! I am definitely going to try it out – there is nothing to loose, but much to gain!

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