How to defeat the no. 1 student enemy: procrastination

It is late, I am tired and I have work to do, but it is not like I am actually going to do it, since it is Spring break so… yeah, this is the usual me staying up late, browsing random things on the internet. I even reached the dark side – sadly there were no cookies, so I just went back to normal.

Procrastinating… the bane of my existence. I once said that if it were a workshop on “How to stop procrastination: beginners guide”, I would do it.

Well, it is my lucky day/semester – that workshop is here and I am so excited to try it and share the news with you. The wonderful “301 Student Skills and Development Centre” put together something named “Beating Procrastination” which is aimed at people like me (to be honest, this is nothing to be proud of…) to find strategies and techniques to fight procrastination and get work done.

I just found about it today and I felt it was so amazing, that I just had to share my enthusiasm with you. So here it is, check the website and book a place: 301 Centre website.

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