Get lost! (You’ll be amazed at what happens next…)

As a newcomer to any new city, apart from getting lost in life — or possibly worse, your thoughts — something cool to do, alone or with friends, is to get lost. Really, I mean it. Why? Several reasons. I’ll be stopping at three, but I bet you can find thousands more!

  1. Gaining confidence. Recently, I had an appointment somewhere well far out near Smithy Wood. It was at least a 40 minute bus ride and, well, I managed to hop on the wrong bus. Nearing the end of the journey, I noticed (thanks to being glued to Google Maps) it wasn’t going where it was supposed to. I was the last on the bus and all I could see around me were fields, so I rang the ‘stop’ bell and walked up to get off. The driver asked me where I was going and told him I was lost and after I told him where I was supposed to go, he actually took me back and dropped me at a convenient bus stop where I could catch the right one. Getting off and walking to the bus stop, not knowing anything about where I was, and seeing that everything would be all right comforted me and gave me confidence. I dared going out of my usual path, made mistake, and got it fixed anyway. And I was helped by a stranger on the way!
  2. Being more familiar. It sounds contradictory, but once you’ve actually gotten seriously lost and walked (or bussed) your way back, you likely have gained greater knowledge of your surroundings. Again, you have more confidence and are less likely to be clueless next time you go out.
  3. Making unexpected, amazing findings. The other day, instead of taking my usual path home, I decided to cut through the hill that’s in the way. And WOW, was I not disappointed. At first, as usual, I was unsure, but carried on until I saw an area that was somewhat familiar — and cut through a big park. Well, turns out the sky was blue and the sun was setting just as I was arriving on the edge and the view was spectacular. And this is just the kind of moment that I will never forget.

I’m sure you have similar experiences. Mind sharing one or a few good reasons more to get lost? I’d love to know what other students achieve when they’re lost! 😉

When I discovered the beauty of that hill on the way home. :)

When I discovered the beauty of that hill on the way home. 🙂

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