Bank holidays

Going through the e-mails that we are being bombed with every day (yes, I actually open all of them), I noticed one that said Sport Sheffield Bank Holiday opening hours. If I actually went to the gym, I would have been genuinely interested to know when I would be able to use it over Easter. Since I don’t, I don’t really care, but another thing caught my eye in that e-mail. So, it seems that all their facilities are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday because they are bank holidays, but on Saturday and Easter Sunday, they are open as normal. So wait, let me get this straight, you are open on Easter Sunday, which is the biggest Christian holiday in the whole year, but you are closed on Easter Monday? Remind me again, what was the big thing that happened on Easter Monday according to the Bible? Exactly, not that much. Everybody was still excited by the Resurrection from the day before. How does that makes sense? Mind you, this is not aimed against Sport Sheffield per se; most things in Britain will work like that this weekend. At least Christmas still counts as a bank holiday…Doesn’t it?

Anyway, this was just an introduction to how holidays work in this country. Now, coming from a Catholic country where there are a lot of religious holidays to which you add a number of state holidays, I can’t really complain (I don’t want to brag, but we have 14 bank holidays. If we are lucky enough that they fall mid-week, that means a lot of extended weekends…but I digress). What I wanted to say is that at least our holidays make some kind of sense. On the other hand, what’s Early May Bank Holiday? What, let’s have a holiday just because spring finally arrived? I mean, I know that it’s supposed to be the equivalent of what Labour Day is in former Communist countries, but at least our Labour Day has a story behind it… and a fixed date. You know, not every holiday needs to fall on a Monday. That’s the beauty of holidays. If it falls on a Tuesday, you can take Monday off and get 4 days of weekend for the price of 1. Or would that just be slacking off?

Let’s go on. There’s also Spring Bank Holiday in late May (again, just because it’s spring), then there’s Summer Bank Holiday in late August. I am surprised there are no Autumn and Winter Bank Holidays scattered somewhere around October or February time. Or would that just be too much? And in Ireland apparently there are a couple of more bank holidays scattered around the year called simply Public Holidays. Because who cares why we have a day off? Let’s just have one. I would also expect you to have one genuine state holiday celebrating the greatness and history of the country, but I guess St George’s Day just doesn’t qualify.

And one final thing that just made me laugh. As I am writing this, the Queen is visiting Sheffield. So with regards to the Queen, does anybody know when Her Majesty was born? As in what date? Well, apparently neither does anybody. Because in my calendar, 21 April is marked as Queen’s birthday. But then 13 June is also marked as Queen’s Official Birthday. She has two birthdays? Twice the presents, I guess.

One thought on “Bank holidays

  1. I think that, with the Queen’s birthday thing, one is her actual birthday, and then one is the “official monarch’s birthday” for whoever’s on the throne. Or something? Yeah, I agree, it makes absolutely no sense.


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