Spring is coming, let’s go visit Chatsworth House!

Last week, some of my friends came to Sheffield from London and Edinburgh to visit the Chatsworth House with me.

The Chatsworth House is quite famous among Chinese people, especially Chinese movie fans because of Pride and Prejudice. Chinese visitors usually prefer to call it “Darcy’s House” instead of the Chatsworth House, which sometimes twisted our tongues, and even when we got on the bus, one of my friends asked me in a whisper that why she could not see a stop called “Darcy’s House”. 

That was my first time visiting the Chatsworth House, although I’ve been here since last July. The ticket price is a bit higher than some of the other tourist attractions, but it deserves the price. The house is grand and magnificent, containing a unique collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture, books, and some other artefacts. Unlike the museums or galleries, there is no description to introduce the background or the meaning of those artefacts, but when hanging around the delicate architecture, I enjoyed the artistic ambiance.

The garden and the park were gorgeous as well, with hundreds of families enjoying themselves there. Growing up in an extremely crowded and polluted country, I, as well as my friends, were all deeply impressed by the vast green space. We lay on the lawn, bathed in the sunshine, chatting, laughing and taking dozen of selfies there for a whole afternoon.

Going back to Shanghai after graduation? We did not want to think about these troubling things. At that moment, the only thing we wanted to do was to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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