Moving Into third (and final!) year


I now find myself in the last few weeks of my second year, which means that I am slowly moving into my third and final year! I honestly can’t believe that it’s been two years since I was taking my A-level exams and anxiously awaiting their result in August. I also can’t believe that it’s nearly been a year since I completed my first year of my degree – I honestly don’t know where all the time has gone. That being said, I thought that I would share some of my experiences of how I found second year compared to first.

Living in a House

One of the major changes for me in second year, was the fact that I moved out of halls and into a shared house. My first blogpost for wearesheffieldstudents was my initial feelings on having moved into a house and although I do miss aspects of living in halls (the en-suite bathroom for one) I do prefer living in a house. I have been lucky in that I liked my house so much, and that I get on well with my housemates, that we are able to stay here for our final year. Having to sort out bills was a daunting start, but now these are a lot easier to manage, and living in a house is so much cheaper than the rent in halls. On moving to Sheffield it felt right to live in halls, but I couldn’t imagine living back there now. I think moving into a house was the turning point of when you no longer felt like a first year, which leads me nicely onto my next point.

Feeling a lot older

I still remember in Fresher’s week going to the Union ‘Frat Party’, which was where I fully realised how much I had grown up over the previous year, as I felt so much older than the new freshers! Now, this didn’t really continue on for the rest of the year, but over the Easter holidays I suddenly felt a lot more, I don’t know, mature? Maybe that’s not the right word. Having to think about what I want to do after my degree, and where I want to live etc. was no longer something that I could ‘think about later’, but I realised I need to start properly thinking about it now.

Job Opportunities

As mentioned in my previous point of having to start properly think about what I want to do after my degree, this obviously incorporates what job I would like to go on to do. This year I have definitely been on the look out for more opportunities both as part-time jobs, but also things that I can do to put on my CV. Some of these started out in first year, but I’ve definitely built these up a lot more over the last year.

It’s not all doom and gloom

I have definitely learnt this year that if something doesn’t work out in the way you wanted, it really doesn’t mean that’s the end. I’ve been able to learn from every experience and I think it has made me have a better outlook on life, as I have learnt that something different will always come along, it just may not be in the way that you originally thought it would happen.

Whatever point of your degree you are at, all I can say is to enjoy every moment and take every opportunity that you can get while you can!

Is there any differences that you have felt this year, or advice that you would like to pass on to those who are about to move into their new year?


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