A third year’s advice on being organised!

So, I’ve had my coursework deadlines set and exam dates for the past few weeks now and once again this has triggered me into ultra organisation mode. Now, I’m not talking just writing a little schedule for the day, I’m talking pure overkill – a person can never be too organised! As you might already have guessed, I like to plan, think through and prepare for situations and this is one of the only things that’s gotten me on top of coursework and exams! So I thought in this entry I’d talk through some of my top tips for staying organised this exam season!

  1. BUY A DIARY. My diary is sometimes my actual best friend. Checking it when I get up in the morning, it reminds me of all of the things I would have forgotten about and then remembered by midday. It’s saved me from sending loads of awkward emails to my lecturers along the lines of “really sorry, I completely forgot about the meeting”.
  2. Post-it notes will consume you but teach you! Its a classic one but they work. Last year, my entire room was full of post notes on every object, I used to walk around the room and yank one off the wall, memorise it, turn it around and recite it and then check it (I’m weird, ok?).
  3. Colour coding is a god-send. That’s right, get the highlighters out and colour code everything! Colours are one of the things that I find trigger a memory.
  4. Separate your note books! I have a note book for my lectures, one for my revision, one for my committee work/ meeting notes and then finally my diary. Now, a lot of people call me a bit extreme for having so many but who doesn’t like clarity? Everything in one book would confuse me, so my advice is use as many note books as you need to make sure you keep things clear and precise!
  5. Attempt to plan your week in advance! I’ve found having a general idea of how I’m going to split my week into hours at the IC or working home and just evenings to take a break gives me a better feeling of accomplishment and control over how every things are going, while making stress levels feel a bit lower!
  6. Don’t give up! Exams can be one of the hardest parts of any academic year and it takes time to find your own way to plan and, at the same time, effectively plan so you’re making progress. If it doesn’t work for you try it a different way!

Well, that’s my advice on the matter and I hope it shows you all some guidance! Let me know how you plan or handle exam time stress? As always, feel free to get in touch!

One thought on “A third year’s advice on being organised!

  1. I used to draw a line down the middle of every page in my diary – I’d use the left-hand side for all my appointments and the right-hand side for lists of everything I had to do on each day. I didn’t forget anything so it must’ve worked!


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