The end of first year

I can’t believe I’m writing this. It feels like only last month when I was getting lost on my way back to Endcliffe from uni, not knowing how to act around my flatmates, and turning up late to lectures because I had absolutely no idea where the buildings were!

I’ve absolutely loved my first year here at university, I couldn’t have asked for a better year, and it’s great to reflect back on how much I’ve changed since I arrived in Sheffield eight months ago.

Did first year live up to your expectations?

YES, YES, YES! First year has been full of so many memories, living in halls has been the best thing I’ve experienced. There’s always something going on in and around Endcliffe. From 3am fire alarms because the flat below you decided to burn a pizza, to having a load of pointless leaflets shoved under your door. There’s never really a dull moment.

Although I still have two more fabulous years here as a Sheffield student, it’s weird knowing that when I return in September, I won’t be driving back to Endcliffe. Growing up officially starts… I think that most first years worry that one day they’ll get in a taxi and say “Endcliffe Village” only to realise that they don’t live there anymore.

What have you learnt from your first year at university?

Things don’t stay as they are in freshers week. I think that with the fear of being lonely, you just commit yourself to the first group of people you meet. It’s all well and good, but after a few days you begin to realise that you lack similar interests with these people. It’s ok to branch out and find the right people you want to be with!

You overpack in your first year… I remember me and my mum literally packing the entire contents of my bedroom into the car on moving weekend. I think it was the fear of “what if I need this, I can’t just pop back.” A month before I re-pack all of my belongings and drive them for four hours back down south, and I’m kicking myself for bringing everything I own. How am I going to fit this all back in the car? (Not forgetting that I’ve brought so many more things since I’ve been here).

Although technically first year doesn’t count towards your final degree grade, you still have to pass first year to move into second year. You either work ridiculously hard as though first year really does count, and you get upset over missing out on that desirable 1st, or you just sit back and celebrate that you got 40% in an assignment that you started the day before the deadline. I’m often one for getting a reasonably decent grade, and telling myself that next time I’ll start the work as soon as it’s set. That never works, I’m always one for working under pressure.

Of course I’ll miss first year, it’s been great. Second year is going to be bigger and better. The modules sound a lot more interesting than the ones I’ve studied this year, and I’m fortunate enough to be heading off to the University of Iceland in January for my Erasmus!

I’m jealous of anyone coming to Sheffield in September as a first year, they’re in for the best year of their life!

One thought on “The end of first year

  1. I reckon you’ve done the right thing by working for good grades in first year – even though it doesn’t count grade-wise, it’s still a foundation for the rest of Uni. If you’ve started off doing assignments right, then second year will be loads easier 🙂

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