5 restaurants all students need to visit before leaving Sheffield

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m leaving Sheffield for good in just less than a month, and I’m feeling nostalgic. I have a little bit of a bucket list in my head of the things I still need to do prior to my departure. This includes visiting the Peak District and the alpaca farm, buying a second-hand book from Rare and Racy, and riding the paternoster lift in the Arts Tower. Other than these things, however, most of the places that I want to go to are restaurants.

For me, Sheffield has some of the best, quirkiest and cheapest restaurants and cafes that I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat in – and there are still so many that I want to try! In any case, whilst I sit and mourn my impending move back to the South of England, I’ve written a list of some of my favourite restaurants in Sheffield. If you’re lucky enough to be spending another year here in September, I’d definitely recommend paying these places a visit.

1) The Nottingham House

This may seem pretty obvious but I still know plenty of third years who have never been to the Notty! If you’ve lived on Endcliffe or Ranmoor you’ll know where I mean – the green pub opposite Broomhill Friery. The Nottingham House only serves one type of food, but it is definitely the best type – pies. Typically, they’ll have five or six filling options, such as steak and stilton or asparagus and mushroom, which you can have with chips or mash, and mushy peas too if that’s your thing. The pub is also really cosy and relaxed, and there’s pretty much always a free table.

2) Wa Ding

West One on West Street is primarily known amongst students for Vodka Revolution and its infamous ‘six shot sticks’. But if you venture round the corner you’ll find Wa Ding – a canteen that specialises in oriental and international food, located above a small food shop selling the same sort of thing. This semester, my friends and I have had an hour break on a Tuesday between a lecture and a seminar: Wa Ding has become our weekly food haven. It’s in a good location, the food is really cheap, brought out very quickly, and tastes amazing! I usually opt for a choice of noodles with prawns and vegetables in a black bean sauce, which costs around £4. The portions are also enormous, so perfect for hungry students eating on a budget.

3) Amigos

Amigos Mexican Kitchen is located in the heart of London Road (if you’re not aware, have a Google. As one of the most multicultural areas of Sheffield, there’s an array of different cuisines all on one road!) Amazingly for students, Amigos operates a bring your own drinks (including alcohol) policy. This is great news for us all anyway, but the food is amazing too, serving Mexican street food in a cosy, warm environment. I recommend the taco tray to share!

4) The Graze Inn

Compared to the other restaurants I’ve mentioned, The Graze Inn on Ecclesall Road is slightly more pricy and sophisticated. For example, the menu consists of rib-eye steaks, tiger prawn linguine, and Mediterranean sharing platters. When I visited with my Dad last year, I had a smoked duck breast flatbread (although admittedly, the fact he was paying may have made it taste that little better), although I’d still recommend visiting if you fancy spending a little more on a meal out. They also have a cocktail menu with at least twenty choices – these are reduced in price during Happy Hour, too.

5) Diddy Cool

Okay so it might not technically be a restaurant… but if there is one thing that living in Sheffield has taught me, it’s that we need more cake takeaway delivery services. Diddy Cool will deliver brownies, waffles, cookies, ice cream, milkshakes, and cheesecake to your door – and because it’s on Just Eat, all you need to do is click a few buttons and wait. There is a minimum order of £12, so you may need to get a few of your flatmates to chip in (or do what my boyfriend and I do: order 4 cakes and a milkshake and share them). Treat yourself!

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