My last week of University

So, this is my last week of university and so far its been a combination of excitement, fear and denial. When I started my course it wasn’t love at first sight, I found myself at first not really enjoying it and to some degree resenting it; it even got to a stage where I wondered if I would stay in the first few weeks. But it got better, I started to adapt and learn how things worked at this level and accepted that everything I was doing was the other side of the coin to what I’d studied before and I would thank myself for putting the time into understanding it later in life. Now, in my final four days I really don’t want to leave, I’d do it all again if I could! So I thought I’d do a few highlights of my three years at Sheffield to maybe inspire some of you and bring up some of the excellent opportunities here you can get involved in.

University Mentor Schemes – I took part in this from the start of my second year and got to meet some great people from first year and enjoyed being there for first years needing help, advice and information about anything. I even stayed in contact with one of my mentee’s, Jess, (who also blogs on here, check out Jess Keen!) this year for my third year and we meet up a few times every semester to catch up and help out with advice where I could, which has been excellent and given me a great friend to make during my time here!

Societies and Committees – I’ve been involved a lot with Music Players Society’s Rock band for the past two years which has been a great experience – weekly practices where we play literally anything that comes to our minds, meeting up outside of rehearsals and excellent night outs and of course end of semester gigs at Interval! As well as this, this year I’ve been the Events Co-Ordinator for Societies Committee where I’ve been able to organise some of the Students’ Union’s biggest events such as Societies Festival and The Activities Awards 2015!

Contours Festival 2015 – This year I was the Operations Leader for TUoS’s Contours Festival which was great fun! Having a lot of experience in event management and operations prior to this, it was a great chance to meet like minded people and get real experience at being head management for running a union wide event (I even got a desk and unlimited printing credit swipe card – if you read my other blogs you’ll understand how much I love organisation!).

Last but not least I’ve loved my course. I’ve done things from musicology, recitals, study of visual culture and music and I even get to finish my degree this week by playing the lute in a recital (you haven’t lived till you’ve played a renaissance instrument). My time at this university has expanded my knowledge and understanding of music and gotten me involved in so many things that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy, as well as making me realise what I really want to do for my career.

I’d say, as my last bit of advice as a university student, check out every opportunity even if you don’t think its your thing, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Anywho, farewell for now. I’ll still be blogging as an alumni blogger (which makes me feel sooo old) so keep an eye out and good luck to everyone who still has exams as well as well done to those of you that have already finished!

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