Sheffield mini travel guide: some of my favourite spots in the city

Sheffield Central Library – Graves Art Gallery

It’s an art gallery and, as a given, I just love art galleries! If you are an art enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy this place. It is incredibly diverse, with pieces ranging from the very classical style of painting to modern art. It is mostly quiet and a good place to reflect and escape from the day-to-day buzz. The best part for me is the small painting by Cezanne, almost hidden in a corner – try finding it, it is there!

Peace Gardens and Winter Gardens

The first one is more crowded and the second one can be quite empty at certain times. The reason why they are on the list is because, if it is sunny, they are both incredibly beautiful and, given their central location, they are both excellent places to have a break when you shop around. Plus, the Winter Gardens are an excellent cover if you are caught without an umbrella  – you can also nip through them to visit the Millennium Galleries.

Botanical Garden

They might be considered a bit of a walk from university (unless you live in nearby student accommodation, that is) but, nevertheless, the Botanical Gardens are a breathtaking place, from the rose garden to the old trees, rock garden and different flowers. They must look amazing in spring, but even in autumn, they make quite a sight. The best attraction for a tree-lover-but-not-a-flower-enthusiast (a.k.a me) is the number of squirrels round there. Even if you have an unlucky day, you are bound to see one, it is a given. Plus, there is an old bear pit, which used to hold two bears in Victorian times. The rose garden is very beautiful, and in the centre of it, there is a small statue of Pan, spirit of the woods.

Bole Hill, Crookes

I love Bole Hill because it is vast, green and it really feels like you are away from Sheffield. It’s the perfect city escape without actually escaping the city. It is a really quiet place, where you can just stroll around or go for a run. There is a good area for those keen on mountain biking to practice, and there are some spaces for rock bouldering and many open plains and tracks among trees for those who like strolling.

There are many places beautiful places to see in Sheffield, these are just some of those I like spending my time in. But if you are Sheffield Uni student, I honestly think one of the best things you can do is take the paternoster lift in the Arts Tower – that is must for every Sheffield Uni student!

3 thoughts on “Sheffield mini travel guide: some of my favourite spots in the city

  1. Getting to Sheffield for the time was a huge experience and learning curve. But in one week I have managed to settle down and find my way around easily. These was made possible by planning before arrival what I was to do. I scheduled my first 5 days to accomplish one important thing a day. But most important of all was using the iSheffield App and Google Route finder App.
    With these I was able to find every build on these extensive Sheffield environment.


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  3. Reblogged this on Suitcases and Shovels and commented:
    I have yet to visit any of these spots, except the Peace Gardens, but now they’re on my list! I want to try to do some exploring around Sheffield every week or so and make the most of my time here. I don’t want September to roll and a round and realize I’ve hardly seen such an incredible city.


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