My first three months as an alumni

So its been three months since I graduated from The University of Sheffield and it still feels so surreal. I’ve experienced some of best moments so far in life while being an undergraduate and I miss every second of it! Last weekend I went back to Sheffield for a weekend and caught up with everyone there and its made me realise that I definitely want to look into doing an MA – I don’t just miss the life there I miss the people, the union and the sights of the city! So, I thought as my first entry as an alumnus I’d go through my advice on adjusting to graduate life for all of you third years who are a bit worried about what to do after this academic year.

  1. Don’t let the panic ruin your last year – I admit I did a little too much, I thought too much into it and tried to go with too many ideas towards what would be my next move. Visit the Careers Service, talk to your lecturers or look into what career options are out there already – inspire yourself!
  2. Look into postgraduate study – it may not be something you’re looking into or wanting to do right now but I regret myself not considering it properly. The funding side of things can scare a lot of people away from the idea but there really is a lot of funding and course options out there which specialise in so many career directions and, just like above, the Careers Service and your lecturers are a huge help with this!
  3. Remember to give yourself a little break – it may not be one everyone would consider as a good move, but personally I found that taking a month away from everything after finishing and not jumping into a job or other work/study commitments does you a load of good – you’ve just finished your undergrad! Give yourself a chance to celebrate and move into your next step with a positive and determined attitude!

As always, feel free to comment or get in touch if you have any questions or topics you’d like to ask/discuss. I can’t wait to visit Sheffield again for another few days and hopefully be back someday soon to work towards an MA!

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