First Classical Sheffield Festival of Music

I believe music is the language of souls. It is one of the few things that can connect people of all walks of life.  It has the magic to evoke memories and emotion. So, for both senior and new students, there’s no better way to meet our fellow Sheffielders, then heading down to the Classical music weekend (October 23-25, 2015).

This will be the first Classical Sheffield Festival of Music of its kind. It is an enormous collaboration between both professional and amateur musicians from Music in the Round, Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus, Sheffield Symphony Orchestra, University of Sheffield, Sheffield City Hall, Tideswell Singers, and the Hallam Choral Society and Making Music.

A delightful musical experience is awaiting you this weekend. The many free concerts throughout the city are perfect on the student budget. Start with the pop-up performances on Friday afternoon in the Winter Gardens. A leisurely walk up High street though the international markets will take you to the Cathedral Evensong. On Saturday, grab vegan brunch with ‘Musical Morsels’ at the Blue Moon Cafe known for its scrumptious vegetarian options. Finish off with a bit more free music with the Winter Garden performances again (because once is not enough!).

For those that are on a bit looser budget, a whole weekend ticket can be bought at the box office for only £20. That would allow you to enjoy the entire experience from opera, singing, orchestras and ensembles. Visit for more information and a full list of performances.

Inject some culture into your week. Be a part of the magic.