Things to do in Sheffield

Devonshire quarter runs parallel to West Street and it has fast become one of my favourite places to shop and eat in Sheffield. Having just entered my second year here at the University I have found that the days of going out clubbing several times a week seem to be a thing of the past. That being said, there is definitely still time for eating out, going for coffee and cocktails which is why you should definitely check out what Division and Devonshire Street have to offer.

The Forum

Where better place to start than the Forum? The menu here is quirky, however that’s not to say it isn’t delicious – their chorizo scotch egg is a must try! Not to worry if your tastes are fairly tame, there are more traditional offerings available too – for example, there is an extensive burger range. Worthy of mention too is the terraced area outside which overlooks Devonshire Green. It’s a great place to sit and have a drink… provided the lovely Sheffield weather cooperates of course.


The Great Gatsby

On the topic of food and drink, you can’t venture to Division Street without checking out The Great Gatsby. The cocktails here are delicious, the staff definitely know their stuff and with a menu spanning three pages you’ll be sure to find something you like. The only downside is that at peak times the cocktail prices range from £6-£8, which on a student budget is fairly expensive. So it’s definitely worth knowing that Sunday-Thursday before 10pm the same drinks can be picked up for only £4. If this doesn’t entice you then perhaps knowing that the kitchen hosts ‘Shy Boy Cantina’, Mexican street food experts will. The food isn’t particularly pricey and despite being predominantly a cocktail bar on a quieter evening it’s a lovely place to go for a meal as it’s super cosy.

Steam Yard Coffee Shop

The Steam Yard coffee shop is an unmissable daytime haunt. Anywhere that sells Nutella filled doughnuts has got to be doing something right as far as I’m concerned. As for the rest of the menu? Why not check out their Instagram account: @steamyard and let the pictures do the talking!



This area of Sheffield is the place to come if you’re looking for unique items. From vintage to streetwear there is a surprising variety to be found in such a small area. There are also shops selling homeware and so if you’re looking to revamp your own style or your University bedroom then this is a great place to come to find items that your friends won’t already have.
If you’re new to Sheffield this year, or simply haven’t tried these places out yet, then why not visit them as an excuse to fall in love with the city you chose to study in?

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