An Introduction to the Sheffield Archery Federation Team

Did you know that the University of Sheffield Archery Club runs their sessions alongside Sheffield Hallam University Archery Club? We compete together as a team during most of the competitions we take part in. We practice together in the same range, and having two clubs in one means more coaches, more new people to meet, and of course, more friendly rivalry! The two clubs combined make up the Sheffield Archery Federation Team, abbreviated as SHAFT.

Practicing and taking part in competitions as a team doesn’t mean we don’t go up against each other, however. We (finally) got to organise archery as a varsity event between the two universities starting just two years ago. I am happy to report that in the first ever archery varsity event, Uni of Shef’s club won! It didn’t seem like we were ever going to let Hallamers live it down. The following year though, Hallam’s club got the points for their university. It’s looking like it’s quite a close call, and we can only wait to see which university will get the varsity points this year; hopefully it’ll be Uni of Shef once more!

Being in the archery club isn’t all competition though, of course. We’re a very close knit group of friends, and there’s lots of socialising during practice. With our new social secretaries, we’re having socials nearly every week! Just last week we held a pub quiz (which wasn’t actually held in a pub), which was lots of fun. We try to be super inclusive and have socials of all sorts so noone gets left out. One of my favourite types of socials are the themed shoots, where we pin up pictures (usually of villains) on the boss and shoot at them (we seem to have a thing for Disney…). I’ve been with the club since my second year at university, and I first started off with a Give It A Go session, thinking I’ll just, well, give it a go because it seemed cool. Now in my fourth year, I’m still with them and additionally, I have been given the honour of being elected captain of the club.

P.S. We sometimes bring our mascots with us to competitions and socials – Monty the meerkat and Anita the ant eater.

Monty and Anita