Coming to University – a couple’s perspective

University is an amazing environment to be a part of, offering the opportunity to do some truly extraordinary things, and that’s not even including the degree. After a year of being here, you certainly start to feel part of a wider community, but if I’m honest it only took a few weeks to feel like home, mainly due to coming here with my partner. That in mind, to get here in the first place and then to transition into student life was definitely a challenge.

My initial stages of sorting out university, after receiving results, was a bittersweet combination of stress and excitement. Stress from needing to sort out courses at the same university, as one of us didn’t get onto our original choice of degree. Luckily, a transfer was offered to an alternative course. This is the problem from trying to secure places at the same university, we minimised the issue by applying to the same 5 universities, and once receiving offers, confirmed the same firm and insurance choices. There was no guarantee the offers would align though.

The excitement came in the form of beginning to pack, ordering fresher tickets to awesome events, completing the pre-registration and knowing we had secured a place together after two-years of A-levels (while dating) and still in love ♥

From that we thought it was all sorted, including where we were going to live, so anticipation started to build. This was short-lived, as an email about how the couple accommodation is ‘NOT GUARANTEED’ came into our inbox. Due to coming alone being one of the requirements of guaranteed university housing – panic set in and forced us to look into private alternatives. Such short notice did limit our options, but thankfully Sheffield is a densely populated student housing area so we were able to sort out something relatively quickly.

Resorting to this did mean that our first year was destined to be a more different experience than most, not just the fact we were a couple, but also that we were not in university housing. This made us feel like we were missing out on something, especially engaging with freshers. You’d be happy to know that this was not the case; our private flat was soo good and affordable, that we decided on keeping it for the second year. The social aspect of the student union also allowed us to make friends and when you engage with societies and events, there’s always new people to meet and possibilities to have fun.

So, there may have been a few challenges to overcome to get here. Nonetheless, there’s always a solution and when it comes to coming as a couple, as long as you are flexible and determined, it is more than doable. We are happier than ever, and that’s where the benefit lies. Having a partner to support you and love, just enhances the whole adventure that is university.

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