An average week in the life

Monday – 12:36pm

Its past 12 and I’ve finally dragged myself out of bed. But not far, just to my bean bag. It’s still too early to be faced with an uncomfortable swivel chair at a desk staring at my laptop screen. In true social science student fashion, I have a day off today. And again, in true social science student fashion, I have hours and hours of reading to do but I like to give myself a late start on Mondays, just because I can! That’s one great thing about uni, you can make your own timetable which allows you to fit in all the extras like lazy mornings but also, clubs and societies. Which reminds me, I have to go and find my gum shield as I have rugby training this evening.

The kind of thing SULRFC get up to at training!

The kind of thing SULRFC get up to at training!

Tuesday – 1:12pm

I’ve not long finished a 2-hour lecture on McDonalds. No, really! McDonaldization is a sociological concept and us geographers find it fascinating too. A lecture in the Arts Tower means I get to treat myself to a cookie from the café. I think it’s well-deserved after a 2-hour lecture! I’m now headed to meet my friend for a catch-up and then on to Western Bank for some lecture notes write-ups. Westy B is THE best library at UoS. It holds a special place in my heart as I spent all of last summer working there on the ‘Making the Library Easier to Use’ campaign. I always make sure to sit myself facing Weston Park for a beautiful view whilst I work away.

Wednesday – 6:02pm

Today I have my first 9am of the week followed by two seminars. I would normally love such a busy day (well, busy for a Geography student) if it wasn’t on a Wednesday. As I mentioned yesterday, I play rugby. Any member of a sports team will know the struggles of Wednesday teaching. Some academic departments operate a ‘no-to-minimal afternoon teaching’ sort of policy. Nothing official though. Most of the teams here at Sheffield play in a Northern league and sometimes have to travel as far as Scotland and so no lectures after 12pm, or whatever it is, does little to help. I understand that departments don’t do it on purpose and it is simply necessary to teach on a Wednesday as there are not enough hours in the week. To tackle this (no pun intended), more support for those who do play sports should be offered. That way if you do skip a couple of contact hours every now and again, not all will be lost. Anyway, rant over! I don’t even know if I’m good enough to be chosen to play in fixtures so maybe this actually the perfect excuse when people ask me why I’m not at a match today. I’ll still be at social tonight though. SULRFC will be hitting ROAR covered in facepaint and glitter, dressed head-to-toe in tights and brights.

Can you spot me!?

Can you spot me!?

Thursday – 11:45am

Mornings post-ROAR are always a challenge. Luckily, I have yet another day off today. Well, it’s not really a day off as I do have work to do but you get what I mean. I’m going to pop to the shops for some study day provisions and climb back into to bed with my iPad. It’s not what you think though, I will give Netflix a miss until tonight. Instead I’ll be watching a Hans Rosling documentary called ‘How to End Poverty in 15 Years’ which one of my Facebook friends was raving about a couple of days ago. Following that, I plan to get out of bed and move to the living room sofa, still with iPad and snacks in hand, to get done some well overdue reading. I will not move from there until I’m all caught up. My plans for this evening are yet to be decided. My flatmate and I will either go to a Zumba class or stay in and get a takeaway. Maybe we should go to the Zumba class then get a takeaway so less guilt will be endured.

Friday – 8:21am

Another 9 am today! I also have a lecture for my most challenging module – Geographic Information Systems. What’s that you ask? I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure it out but I know it’s do with mapping of some sort. See below for a definition. I may have to do a blog post about it in the future. After lectures, I think I’ll take a stroll into town and do some shopping even though I probably shouldn’t. Then it’ll be off home for some relaxation. 


Saturday – 3:12pm

Weekends are weird as a student. Most things happen Monday – Friday so my weekends are pretty chilled. Of course, I’ll be doing more reading. I’ve got three essays due in the next three weeks so I better get planning. I love writing essays. From picking the question, finding the sources, actually writing the essay and then editing it at the end. The only part I don’t like, is writing up the bibliography. It’s one of my goals this semester to learn to love it a bit more. I take it pretty easy on Saturdays as I often work of a night time. I work at the Students’ Union as a Security Operative. I’m part of the team that keeps you safe on nights out. You’re welcome!

Sunday – 6:03pm

I only went to bed at 4am but I was up again at 8 for 9 o’clock Sunday rugby training. I have nothing much else to report as I once I got home, I crashed out. Sunday is filled with gossip with my flatmate, domestic goddess duties and filling out my diary for the following week. I like to make a to-do list for each day to try and keep on top of uni, work and a social life. I’ve also got another shift in a few hours. It should be a nice and quiet one though. I’m quite looking forward to taking part in the Bar One quiz on the sly!

Got my uniform ready!

Got my uniform ready!

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