Dating and Christmas: the perfect gift?

A relatively new dilemma for me this Christmas has been the art of gift giving for someone you’ve been dating for a few months, and therefore are trying to find the right balance of finding a thoughtful gift without going over the top. Navigating this line can be tricky, as you’re still getting to know the person but at the same time you want to get them something they’ll appreciate and use. Here are my suggestions for affordable yet personal gifts that the new person in your life will enjoy.

Before we go onto the actual presents, my first suggestion would be to set a budget that both of you agree with, I know it’s slightly unromantic but it’ll save the potential awkwardness of one person spending a lot more than the other. It’ll also help make the process less stressful as you’ll have a rough idea of what you’ll be able to afford and where to shop for it.

Alcohol and chocolates

Whilst slightly impersonal, alcohol is always a safe bet for a Christmas gift as who can resist their favourite spirit over the festive period? Make note of their drink of choice when you next go out to the bar and you’ll be onto a winner. Chocolates are also appreciated gifts at Christmas, who could say no to their favourite treat?

Hobby related gift

One of the ways to give a thoughtful gift is to give a present related to one of their hobbies. This shows that you’ve been listening and taking note of who they are as a person and this reflects well on you. Some suggestions would be a new cookbook relating to a new type of cuisine they’re interested in trying or a new technological gadget they’d use. Make sure you have a good idea that they’ll appreciate the gift however, and don’t try to push your hobbies onto them.


Here I’m talking about winter accessories, a new scarf or a pair of gloves are always welcome in anyone’s wardrobe yet are very affordable for students. These are great gifts (especially due to the past few winters Sheffield has experienced!) that they can get full use out of straight away and will definitely be appreciated.


A fool proof present is to buy them something you can do together, for example buying tickets to go and see a new movie they’re interested in. You could even buy them your favourite CD or DVD and organise an evening so that you can watch or listen to it together.

Above all, try not to stress too much about the actual gift and enjoy the experience. The fact you’ve thought about them and what they’d like will probably shine through more than the actual gift. Happy buying and Merry Christmas!

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