In praise of friends

I love how easy it is to meet so many different personalities and make new friends whilst you’re at university. I’ve met some of my closest friends through societies I’ve joined. At the same time, however, no one I know quite compares to my best friend from home, Heather, whom I’ve known far too long, and will probably never be able to get rid of (joking, joking…*cough*). Throughout university, and, indeed, most of my life, Heather has been my ‘go-to’ person for literally everything. So, as we’re gradually nearing Christmas, and as I’m still ridiculously behind on gift-buying, I thought I’d stave off shopping just that little bit longer and take the opportunity to thank her, simply for being brilliant and for making life 100% more endurable.

You might remember me mentioning Heather in a few of my posts last year as we both used to commute to university; she still does, in fact. Those 40-minute morning bus journeys to Meadowhall used to be the highlight of my day, despite the fact she used to spend the entirety of them trying to level-up on Candy Crush…It’s bizarre how polarised we are in so many ways, but identical in others. I suppose that’s why we work so well. A few weeks ago, for instance, she dragged me to see the musical version of Legally Blonde at Sheffield’s Lyceum theatre. I’m not really a fan of musicals and thought I’d absolutely hate it. To be fair, though, it wasn’t actually that bad. I couldn’t stop singing the songs for days afterwards. (Don’t let her know I enjoyed it, I’ll never hear the end of it.)

Heather understands me better than I think I know myself sometimes, which is slightly bemusing, though hugely comforting. It’s nice to have someone there to vent all your thoughts to without the niggling anxiety that they’re judging you. She has this kind of lax, candid attitude towards life, a quality I absolutely adore about her. I need her frank, matter of fact outlook to help me perceive and assess situations in a different light. She brings out the best in me in that respect. The only thing she ever gets stressed about is choosing what biscuits to buy, and even then she’d end up buying a vast selection, plus a few added extras because, you know, it would be impolite not to. It’s impossible to ever get stressed or feel overwhelmed when you’re around Heather; she’s like a walking emblem of calmness. Once, when I was having a pretty rubbish day, she came all the way from Rotherham after a gruelling 10-hour shift at work just to bring me a slice of her homemade banoffee pie and give me a hug. If that isn’t love, what is? (Colin Firth)


Whilst work is an important aspect of university life, it’s easy to get entirely subsumed in revision and various other academic tasks, so much so that you forget to allow time for yourself. Pursue your interests; spend more time with people you love. Be kind to yourself!

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