Second year: the good, the bad, the ordinary

The moment I reached my second year, I was really happy because it meant I had the chance to study in more depth what I wanted.  It was also the time when I would have the chance to be an active member of the societies I joined in my first year, now on the committee.

In a way, I was right. I would definitely look back on it and think I had an amazing time. I got to do the modules I was interested in and I really enjoyed it. When you study something that you  enjoy, it does not seem that tiring, time flies and you actually feel like what you are doing makes sense. Not at one moment did I feel that I wasted my time on studying something irrelevant or that it was not meaningful to my academic life. It was a move forward and I still am really keen on seeing how it will go until the end, if I will like it over the next few months just as much as I like it now. In that sense, it was very similar with my first year, when although  the modules I had to study were intellectually stimulating and I was keen on learning more.

Problem is though, that you would not hear me say any of these things during the semester. Here is where the bad part starts. If first year was a period of accommodation, second year feels like I am stuck in a limbo of “eat, work, sleep, repeat”. All days are just draining, and the workload is different – it does not seem more in quantity, but the level of difficulty is obvious. It takes you more time to do the reading for each seminar and the requirements for assignments are higher, while the topics you have to approach also have a higher level of complexity. What I feel like I need on most weeks is a break, and I still think the best break I got was going to SUPAS Sweeney Todd.

What I want to say though, is that second year is as good or as bad as you make it. Taking a course on time management can make a huge difference in helping you cope with the increase in workload. That for me is a life-saving skill, without which I would not know what to do, and I would certainly not be able to do all the things I want.

And if you are like me, take one on beating procrastination as well, for those who know my struggle with my inner procrastinator, it is always a matter of ” work in progress”. It is really funny, how I know I am busy and I have to read, write, analyse, work, but I still find time to browse 9GAG and waste my time on BuzzFeed (whoever made this, sure hates me and is my No.1 enemy) or watching YouTube videos such as these.

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