‘Tis the season

Brace yourselves.  Christmas is coming.

I think I’m bracing myself more for the three huge assessments I’ve got to do this Christmas holiday though.  I’m sure you can all relate.  How great would it be to look forward to Christmas all through December and think of nothing else?

Oh, to be a kid again.  As soon as that first window of the advent calendar was opened Christmas had begun.  Singing Christmas carols at school, watching videos and taking part in plays.  I distinctly remember being an angel in The Nativity and my halo fell off my head when I bowed at the end. Four year old me was pretty embarrassed but I don’t think anyone noticed… I hope.

Now I’m in my third year at uni and you know what I’m going to say now.  Yep you guessed it, where has the time gone?!  But seriously its crazy how precious time is.  I always find during these festive times I reminisce about Christmases past.  The build up to Christmas Day was always immense, words can’t describe it really.  Decorating the tree was always so fun with a Christmas CD playing in the background, having a glass of milk with a jam tart from the leftover pastry my mum had used to make mince pies (wasn’t a fan of mince pies back then).

DSCN1082 - Copy

How could I forget the most sacred part of the run up to Christmas?!

Writing my Christmas list to Father Christmas which was always accompanied with a short letter telling him about the year I’d had.  Then on Christmas Eve the list would be put on the mantel piece next to a glass of milk, a mince pie and of course a carrot for our special friend with the red nose!

Do you remember that excitement?  Lying awake on Christmas Eve, I’d always listen out for the sleigh bells and be up and about far too early on Christmas morning.

I’m sat here smiling to myself in the library as I write this.  Yes, the library is now a part of our build up to Christmas as uni students and if you’ve got plenty of essays to write this Christmas I’m sure you’ll be joining me on the rush to collect the right books.  Trawling over Star Plus hoping to find all the right ones!  The only thing getting me through it is the thought of heading home this week plus a Christmas meal with my housemates and a night out to Christmas Roar.  I don’t think I’ve been on a night out since November, oh that third year life.  I can’t deny I’m excited.

I’m off to a Christmas party tomorrow night and apparently I’m not allowed in unless I’m in some Christmassy attire so I better wrap this up and get thinking.  Whether you’re staying in Sheffield or going home this holiday, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.  Make sure you get some rest between that uni work, it is Christmas after all!

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