How to survive the family Christmas

It’s finally here. The long awaited winter break that all students have set their sights on, craving the inevitable food coma and home comforts. However, as we all know, university allows to become much more independent and we develop our own routines- which is why being back at home for a month can be a bit of a shock to the system. To combat the horror of awkward family reunions, and the constant questioning of your relationship status, I’ve compiled a handy list to help you brave this holiday season.

  1. Pets. I cannot stress how important pets are. You can hide behind them, take them out for walks (you can indeed buy leads for cats, don’t worry), use them as conversation starters and most importantly – hide in your bedroom while you forcibly cuddle said pet.
  2. Brush up on the slang of the day. Seeing as I’m turning 21 next week, I do notice a language barrier between myself and the tween cousins. If I’m honest, I have no idea what they’re talking about half the time but something tells me I should probably be thankful for that.
  3. Take advantage of the free food. Embrace your inner hamster and eat as much as you can – soon enough you’ll be on a diet of pasta and jam once again.
  4. Keep the prosecco away from your grandmother. We don’t need a repeat of THAT family wedding, do we?
  5. Try your hardest to win the battle of the TV remote. Self-explanatory.
  6. Understand that when Christmas dinner is being prepared and your mother gets that crazed look in her eye, just do what she says. For your own safety.
  7. Catch up with your hometown friends as much as possible! This will cheer any grinch up.
  8. Christmas music- if a bit of Mariah and Wham doesn’t make you smile even when your cheeks are being pinched by Great Auntie Stella, then I’m afraid there’s no hope.
  9. Bask in the glory of being the prodigal son (or daughter) returned from the terrifying world of faux adulthood and Aldi ready meals. You can bet that for at least the first week, you’ll be treated like a king (or queen).
  10. Failing all that, disregard no. 4 and crack open that prosecco with your grandmother.

Most important of all – enjoy being home with your family and friends and cherish every moment! Christmas only comes around once a year and it just wouldn’t be the same without all the embarrassing family traditions and cheesy photos. You know you love it really.

Merry Christmas and have a lovely winter break!

One thought on “How to survive the family Christmas

  1. This was such a good read. Made me laugh on almost every point. I am 20 and even I feel as if there is miles of difference between how the teenagers talk these days. Feeling so old right now. But like you said, it’s a good thing. 😛

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Sumaica –

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