My five student new year’s resolutions

With the New Year fast approaching, I decided to make a list of 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2016:

  1. No more ridiculous lie-ins – The sound of my housemates rummaging around the kitchen making lunch (or even dinner, as happened last month), probably shouldn’t be the noise that wakes me up. So I’m making a resolution to somehow turn myself into an early bird in order to become a more productive and less sluggish individual.
  2. Do more work – A boring one, I know, but as a final year student, ‘this is the one that counts’, and so I vow that 2016 will be the year that I spend less time in front of the TV and more time in the IC.
  3. Save some money – I wish somebody had sat me down in September and explained that just because something is on sale or at a reduced price doesn’t mean that buying doesn’t involve spending any money. For example, just because the Topshop skirt I bought last week was reduced from £50 to £20, doesn’t mean that I’m £30 richer, it means that I’m £20 poorer. So no more of what my housemate refers to as ‘spaving’ (‘spending to save’), and no more cleaning out the ‘Reduced’ section of supermarkets – 2016 is the year that the minus sign on the overdraft will disappear.
  4. Be healthier – If possible, I’d quite like to lose the pounds I piled on last semester. I don’t even have the excuse of it being ‘Fresher Five’ anymore (I really don’t think it counts when you’re in your fourth year like I am). Goodbye post-Pop Tarts chips and curry sauce. Hello S10health Gym. Goodbye late-night runs to the Co-op to forage for ‘TV treats’. Hello carrot sticks and houmous. Goodbye £2.95 Interval cake-and-coffee deal (wait, I changed my mind; that one can stay). Either way, my point still stands – this semester is going to be the healthier one. After all, if Resolution #3 goes well, I like to think that I’ll be in a bikini on a hot beach at some point this summer.
  5. Have more fun! – Although it may not sound as though Resolution #5 is even a remote possibility given the first four, this is still an important one. With only one more semester and mere weeks of university left ahead of me, it won’t be long before I’m saying adiós to not only the studying and essay deadlines, but the other amazing and fun aspects of being a student too. 2016 is my last chance to take full advantage of student life and it’s time to make it count!

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