Give It a Go

GIAG is an extremely popular programme for students to get involved in extracurricular activities. All the activities listed are affordable and really fun to do.

Personally I enjoyed GIAG events tremendously and I would encourage everyone to take part in them and try their hand at various activities. From events run by societies, to trips around UK, there are so many fun things to try.

In my first year, I took two GIAG courses, one on Spanish and one on Event Managing and Planning.  I adored my Spanish course because I got a really good grasp of tourist level Spanish and since I was planning on travelling, I though it might be really useful. The other course I joined because one of my friends was taking it and encouraged me to come as well. It was really fun and I learnt some really interesting facts about how to make a successful event. There are still many courses like these in the GIAG programme and are all extremely popular, so if you want to do one, get your ticket early.

The best GIAG events are those you share with your friends, and my top choice is Archery GIAG. The Archery Society is both really amazing and filled with people who are really passionate about archery. They hold many GIAG events to share their interests with the other students, which is quite admirable, considering that from time to time they run into people like me!

Disclaimer: let’s say there aren’t many things out there that I am sure I can’t do, but when it comes to sports, I am not really a fan. Well, to be perfectly honest, I am terrible and borderline disastrous.

I went to Archery with a group of friends, and it was an unforgettable experience. My first shots were not really bad, I was hitting the target and it all seemed going pretty well. My friends were really good at it, and we were all having a great time. And then it started, a series of disastrous moves and horrible shots given by the master of them all, me. In a series of well timed and well practiced moves, I shot the curtain, broke an arrow, and shot at the air vents.  I can only  thank the society members for being so patient with someone so disastrous!

Bottom line, there are memories such as these that you can build at GIAG. Buy some tickets with your friends and try something new. I am sure you will have something fun to talk about when looking back.

The next GIAG booklet will be here at the beginning of the first semester, so make sure you grab yourself one, flip through the pages and choose to your heart’s content!

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