How I make my life less miserable in the revision period.

Exams have been the bane of my existence ever since I started school. The reason why is because I have to go through revision. Yes, it is not the exam itself that I hate (although I do have a profound dislike for that as well) but the days leading up to the exam, known as the revision period. I am bad and I admit it, I cannot start studying really early on, I am distracted by a myriad of topics and things  to do. I am the worst type of person when it comes to reading the news, except when I have assignments of any kind. Nevertheless, when I get to the revision stage, this is what helps me cope. Here are my exam/revision tips:

  1. Declutter  – although it looks like procrastinator excuse number 1 (“it is so messy, I should start cleaning and do my assignment later”), it is not. It makes you feel better, studying in a clean environment within a semi-ordered environment boosts productivity, according to some studies and personal experience.
  2. Water – no matter how much coffee or tea one drinks, nothing hydrates better than water. I find that if I drink plenty of water, I get more energy and I can be focused on the tasks on hand. I always keep a bottle of water on my desk when I revise.
  3. Power nap – nothing I swear more by than the power nap, (except water maybe). A short 15-20 min nap, or a full sleep cycle of 90 min, make a huge difference. It is the perfect break!
  4. Do not stress out! I know we all worry about it, and all stress over it, but letting that overwhelm you is not helping you.
  5. Take breaks – take regular breaks and relax. Going for short walks around the block or a trip to the grocery shop will help you release stress and improve your concentration.

The most important thing to understand is that once it is done, it is done. No need to stress over the results, just focus on what you can improve, look towards the future and channel your energy towards your future studies.

Good luck!


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