Lunch at the Students’ Union

For this post I thought I’d give a summary of what the Student’s Union has to offer in terms of food – a subject I know is a popular one for many students! As I live quite a distance from uni it’s too far to go back home for lunch (and my abilities to make a packed lunch aren’t up to scratch) so I often pop into the Union to grab a quick bite to eat. Whilst of course it provides far more than somewhere to get lunch, this part of the Union means that it offers a fantastic place to relax and get away from the library, as well as being an affordable place to eat!

There are several outlets to get lunch from here, and they all roughly cost the same, at about £3 for a sandwich. Firstly, if you’re in a bit of a hurry, you can grab something from the main Union Shop, where they have sandwiches, wraps, crisps and everything else you’d expect from a standard shop. The major advantage of this shop is that there isn’t normally a long queue, as there is at the other places.

Another place I’ve tried is the Grill and Go, which offers wraps or burritos with a range of chicken in different sauces, as well as a vegetarian version in the form of falafel – this is one of my favourite places to get something to eat from as it provides a hot wrap which is both filling and easy to eat on the go.

For something healthy, the ‘New Leaf’ salad bar is perfect. This may be a little more expensive at £3.45 for a salad, but what you get is plenty of salad, with a large variety of dressings and salad items to choose from. Personally, I go for their slightly cheaper £3.15 falafel wrap. This in particular is a filling wrap, and you can choose a variety of the same things you can add to the salad, so it’s also really healthy. However, if you’re feeling less like you’re on a health food binge, you can always go for the pasties from Proper Pasty – they might not count as one of your five-a-day, but as far as taste goes, a Cornish pasty from this place is filling and delicious.

If you’re not in a massive rush, you can choose to spend a little more (£3.50) for a bite to eat from Fusion. This is great value in my opinion – it’s often a variety of oriental food with rice, and is seriously tasty. That being said, there’s also the more traditional fare of pizza and chips on occasion, so here there really is a range of food to suit a range of tastes.

Now, there’s even more on offer throughout the Union, and there are places I haven’t yet explored (I’ve heard great things about the Interval bar…). But my own experiences are that students are so well catered for with the provision of so many different food types on offer, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or a meat-lover. I’ll have to say, it’s great motivation to get through a morning in the library to know there’s a delicious lunch with your name on it!

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