A guide to managing your dissertation

As a final year geography student, I was blessed with completing the dissertation module during first semester, earlier than most degree subjects. However, and luckily for you, this means that I’ve picked up a few tips on the way that will be useful for those undertaking the project this semester.

  1. Find a topic you’re passionate about – it will really help with reading, and working through the project, especially in the last few weeks before due date.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – you’re not alone, you can email and see your tutor in office hours. They’re there to help, and asking for advice from an expert in the field can be beneficial, and help to improve your project, and your grade.
  3. Google is your friend! There are plenty of blogs (like this!), webpages and dissertation help books you can access and get hold of online and through Starplus which break down the process and can be really useful if you’re struggling.
  4. Manage your time well – an obvious piece of advice which we hear a lot at university, but it is important. It is useful to have spare time in the final stages to edit and improve your work, rather than rushing and panicking on the last day.
  5. Have a break! – having breaks helps with concentration, especially when taking on a large task. Taking a few hours, or days, off can help with the thought process and improve your work.
  6. Support from others – there are plenty of people to support you at university, and at home. Don’t underestimate the difference that talking to others makes.



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