Cheap gift ideas anyone?

I realise that I should have written this post before Christmas and possibly saved people some money, but I didn’t think of it at the time (sorry folks). That being said, Valentine’s day is coming up and I thought I’d use it as an excuse to give some ideas on how to give nice gifts on a student budget.

Write a short poem/ song/ story featuring the person.
My first idea is probably the cheapest, but its also a really personal thing that works well for a partner/close friend. It doesn’t have to be Beowulf or a fully blown orchestral piece but if you’re the creative sort a little something to express how you feel or think about a person can be really touching.

Guesstimate cost: £0

Take them to a Film Unit film.
I know this seems like a piece of shameless advertising but honestly Film Unit is such a brilliant thing. Anyone can buy a ticket – student or not – and you get to watch a film in real cinema quality for just three pounds. I don’t understand why more people don’t go considering Cineworld and Odeon tickets are both double the price, I really can’t recommend it enough.

Guesstimate cost: £3 + however many snacks you’d like to buy.

Have a meal on the Wicker.
This idea is just because my family has a ritual where after we watch a movie at like 10pm, we make our way to Rajas and order some peri peri chicken, but I thought I’d recommend it anyway. For those of you less familiar with Sheffield, the Wicker is a road leading out of town near the River Don (which has some takeout places on it).

Guesstimate cost: £10-15

For gamers, buy games that are previously owned/ a few weeks after they are released.
Okay I’ll admit I’m not an avid gamer, but I know that games tend to be released at ridiculous prices like forty quid, but then after a few weeks start selling at half the price. The other thing I like to do is go to into CEX, which is in town across the road from the 120 bus stop on the high street, and have a nosy at the CDs. There have been days where I’ve bought 5 CDs for the same price as 1 CD in places like HMV. The other place I like to scope out is Playtime Games (down the street from the Peace Gardens) because they do deals of 3 games from 5-20 quid.

Guesstimate cost: £5-20

For anime/manga fans, visit Sheffield Space Centre or Forbidden Planet.
I love both of these shops. Space Centre is on the Wicker and has more books and posters, whereas Forbidden Planet is near Plug and has stuff like mugs/t shirts/ pillows (and comics, obviously). Both are a little on the pricier side, but the actual cost depends on what you’re actually getting. My favourite possession from these shops is my V Poster which I think I bought for just four quid.

Guesstimate cost: £10+, depending on what you get.

I hope this helps! Best Wishes,


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