Now what?

So here I am in the second week of my last semester. I’m sat here in the Diamond thinking what will I do when I leave this amazing city?  The question in the minds of a lot of finalists right now, I’m sure.  University life can be taxing enough at times trying to juggle all the different elements,  but adding job hunting to that list is a difficult one.  I mean it’s not quite like being a kid when you knew exactly what you’d be…I don’t think there’s a grad scheme for being a rockstar!  I feel bittersweet at the moment, thinking about finishing this year is sad, but I’m also excited.

 Part of me is ready to see what’s out there but on the other hand education is all I’ve ever known:  doing my GCSEs with a view to taking my A-Levels which would eventually get me to uni.  I always knew what was around the corner or where I’d be six months in the future but this is probably the first time that hasn’t been the case. It’s a strange concept.  Just the other day I was reminiscing about the day I registered at the Goodwin Centre as a fresher.  I remember it like it was yesterday (and also when bus tickets were slightly cheaper)!

I was in Pizza Express the other week with my mum taking advantage of the 40% off food and drink with my NUS card (I’ll miss that).  After handing my student card to the waitress she asked me a few questions about university and told me she would hopefully be going to Manchester in September.  She was only just starting the university chapter of her life and here I am nearly finishing mine.  I know a lot of people are in the same position but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it feels super weird!

Looking for jobs is almost as bad as writing an essay, I just have so many tabs open and it can be pretty overwhelming.  But I know I  need to chill and just take the necessary steps to find out what’s out there.  My first step for being adult ready was to make a new email address instead of giving my potential employers an email with the name of some electronic emo bad I listened to when I was 14.  (Not nearly as bad as my old Bebo username though).  My next stop will be the Careers Service to show them my CV – their website had a useful CV template and you can also look up the specific skills you’ve acquired from your degree.

I’m also planning on attending some of the events at the Employer Fest to see if I can trigger some inspiration with regards to what I want to do.  I suppose you could compare the feeling of not knowing where your life is going to turning your bedroom light out and attempting to make your way to your bed before you go to sleep. (It can be difficult).

Whether you know what you’re doing after you graduate or you don’t, facing the last semester is still daunting.  I’ll miss sitting at home with my housemates playing Cards Against Humanity or spontaneous Friday nights in Corp.  However, I won’t miss the wrath of the blue pints in the morning.

On a final note, I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day, whether you hung out with your friends or your partner.  My housemate and I ended up in Forum for drinks and Superbad was playing on a projector.  Free popcorn was given out too which went perfectly with our Black Forest cocktails!


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