10 ways to make the most of your time at University

By the time I’d settled into University during my first year, I’d missed the boat to get involved with a lot of things. I think this was a lot to do with the fact that the deadlines for signing up to various things passed whilst I was still finding my feet in a new city.

I’ve definitely got to grips with Uni life a lot better now I’m in second year!

  1. Join a sport
    Joining a sport will give you the chance to meet loads of new people! I joined the University’s trampolining club this year and have even started training for the Yorkshire half marathon with people from the club.
  2. Get involved
    If sport isn’t your thing then that’s not a problem! There are so many different clubs and societies out there that there’s something for everyone. Pursuing your hobbies and interests is a great way to get the most out of uni.
  3. Explore the City
    Again, this is something I definitely left until second year. Getting to grips with your surroundings makes Sheffield feel a lot more like home and it’s always fun finding new places to visit!
  4. Don’t blow your student loan in the first few weeks of getting it
    For many people, receiving their student loan is the first time they’ve been given lump sums of money before. The temptation to fritter it away of nights out and new clothes may seem appealing, but come the end of term eating baked beans and mixing your pre-drink with water isn’t going to be much fun at all.
  5. Stay on top of things
    It’s so tempting to put off work, especially when it’s due months away. However, laying the foundations for work that reflects your true ability means you need to be preparing for assignments/exams well in advance. Not to mention a last minute 3am rush is never going to be much fun.
  6. Go beyond
    Considering that you’re probably paying £9000 a year to be at uni there really isn’t much excuse for not making the most of all the opportunities available to you. The Uni often hosts guest speakers, as well as putting on careers events and workshops; there will almost certainly be something of interest or benefit to you!
  7. Enjoy the holidays!
    It’s not likely you’ll ever get holidays as long as this again! The three month summer break is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons: maybe by going travelling or perhaps getting some work experience.
  8. Don’t be narrow-minded
    A lot of what I’ve talked about relates to doing things you’re already interested in. It’s never a bad thing to do something you’ve never even considered before. You might even find your new passion!
  9. Think about the future
    Uni is definitely a great time to try new things and enjoy yourself but it can’t hurt to have some idea about what you want to do after you graduate!
  10. Maintain a positive attitude
    Assignments and exams can be stressful, but these are definitely outweighed by the good times that can be had at uni. It’s definitely important to maintain a positive outlook and appreciate the uni experience you are having!

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