No longer a slave to my phone. I think?

I spent my winter break with a childhood friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s amazing but we have managed to maintain a long-distance correspondence for over eight years now. After eight years though, it’s a given that some things will have changed, so I spent the week studying her new quirks and habits.

One thing I found out about my friend is that she can’t stand phone noises. She keeps her phone in silent mode at all times and has disabled all notification pings and rings and buzzes. Her phone makes no sound, no jiggly dance on the table as it vibrates. It’s like a rock. You might now wonder how I managed to keep in touch with her at all if she can’t even hear when someone calls or sends a WhatsApp message. But in all the time I’ve known her, she has always been quick to respond to messages. Because she always has her phone in hand, and is always looking at it, so she rarely misses anything.

When I met up with her, I stayed over for a few days. And remember how I said she can’t stand phone noises? Yeah, she made me disable all my notifications too. Strangely, though it has been over a month since then, I haven’t enabled my notifications. I haven’t found it necessary. In fact, I found it a relief to no longer be chained to my phone. Doesn’t it sometimes seem like we are slaves to our own devices? Answering their every beck and call. We can’t put them down for more than 10 minutes to study or work and they will speak up, demanding our attention. Now, I look at my phone when I want to (admittedly that is very often but at least my ears are no longer on high alert all the time, not wanting to miss any notifications).

So I invite you guys to try it too. It may change your life.

P.S. I’ve disabled WhatsApp, Messages and Snapchat notifications but I’ve left the Phone ringtone enabled because I know when someone calls, that means something’s up and I need to answer ASAP.

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